Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Dulux Valentine, presents its color! Ochre gold, a hue of timeless and trendy, inspired by l’actu deco and thought in collaboration with experts. Has this color warm s’combines several paintings, innovative Decor Cool you to discover.

For this year, the famous brand of paint has more d’a novelty : A color created with the’help of several experts, three new shades of exterior paints, a range of color paints, reflective technological innovation to help the fans of deco… Big plan on these new collections paint rich in surprise !

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Ochre gold : the color Dulux Valentine

This year will be a year of gold, at least in Dulux Valentine ! The paint brand is d’elect the ochre, golden color deco trend in 2016. Synonym of wealth and prosperity, l’ochre golden inspired décor and a sophisticated ambience to the living room to the kitchen, passing by the’entry. Present in the world, this shade of light is known for always warm up an interior and enhance the nuances more classics that are associated with it.
But it’s impossible to bet everything on l’ochre gold in a deco d’inside ! C’is why Dulux Valentine has thought of this color around d’a range of shades matching : Mocha Latte, Coffee bean, pink Button… are as many evocative names to create a timeless atmosphere in every room.

Dulux Valentine unveils his new paintings

colours Dulux valentine followed, but does not look like that ! The creation d’a range of reflective paints : Light and Space offers a range of whites to the’inside the reflective capacity and agrandissantes. Composed of reflective particles and developed d’after the technology Lumi-Tec, this painting amazing would achieve 20% d’economy, d’energy as it sheds light on the parts and would reflect twice as much light that’a classic painting. A painting to adopt so in the dark interiors and small parts.
The range of Light and Space will be available in march 2016 version with a matt or satin and in format of 5 L or 10 L.

Another new feature, for lovers of outdoor decoration, the creation of three new colors for painting multi-media special exterior : Brown Normandy, Turquoise Blue, and Poppy Red. Three shades of paint that s’apply on zinc and galvanized in addition to wood, iron, PVC and l’alu. The quick-drying under-layer integrated and ultra-resistant, perfect colours for repainting the table and chairs in the garden !

more technology at the service of fans of deco

Last novelty, and not least : “Visualizer” l’mobile app Dulux Valentine . A simulator painting from photos of your piece to better you decide your colors before d’buy. And new testers with rollers built-in you put in a real situation d’application of paint.
With all these new Dulux Valentine, you n’have the’embarrassment of the choice to change your deco-d’indoor and outdoor !

Ochre with gilded paint deco cocooning for the living room

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Placed on a wall of the living room and harmonized with a shade of paint lighter, l’ochre golden expresses all its brightness. The light wood furniture and the carpets with geometric motifs echo and install an atmosphere color living room soft very relaxing. Painting : the top of the wall and Grain of sand, plinth coffee bean, left side of the wall pink Button, right of the wall, Ochre-golden Collection Cream Color Dulux Valentine.

Dulux Valentine offers to repaint the kitchen in ocher golden

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

The paint ocher golden to be placed on the credence table kitchen energizes the neutral with which it is associated. The kitchen cabinet black in contrast, balance the color palette of the room. Color Ochre golden Dulux Valentine.

paint ochre golden contemporary in the’stairs

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Beautiful harmony of color with this painting stairs ! L’ochre golden applied in the base adds a contemporary note to the decor warm especially when it is thought around several hues. Here the powdery pink and coffee colour give it all its elegance. The top of the wall pink Button the bottom of the wall Ochre golden Cream Color Dulux Valentine.

Enter cosy with ochre-coloured golden Dulux Valentine

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Ocher, golden, and taupe, this is the duo of colors painting thought by Dulux Valentine for this deco d’entry cosy. Two beautiful colours which will install a deco intimate and precious as the’entry in the house. Good interior design idea : small tables set on a wall of a trend. Cream Color Dulux Valentine, high on the wall a Mocha latte, in the middle Ochre golden brown, the bottom Grain of sand.

color Palette Dulux Valentine in the office

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

The ochre color gold is worked here with bands of stripes painted in assorted colours. A good tip deco to pace l’espace d’one-piece and give an impression of height if you have low ceilings. L’ochre golden associated with these contrasting colors brings the brightness in the room and adds a touch of the intimate to the decor.
Cream Color Dulux Valentine, wall on the left, Ochre golden, stripes, Tuscan expression, brown Bear and Water source.

corner office pastel with the color ocher golden

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Tend to desire the corner office ! Paint ochre, golden and pink powder combine to create a deco cocoon and pastel in this piece. The white wooden furniture and the carpet in skin-reinforce the impression of sweetness.
Cream Color Dulux Valentine, wall foreground “pink Button” and a wall second plan ” Ocher golden “.

Dulux Valentine gives a kick of cool to the garden shed

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Give a blow of nine to the shack in the garden in the painting with two shades of pastel colour with the painting multi-media. One for the’outside the hut, another for the’inside and the corner at the bottom of the garden is getting a makeover ! Tip deco : the furniture and shelves were repainted in the same tones.
Hut painted with the painting multi-media 500ml, 19,90 ? 2L, 49,90 ? Dulux Valentine

L’ochre-golden Dulux Valentine version of cabinet of curiosities

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

Decorate a space that is narrow and long like a corridor n’is not a small matter ! There is nothing better than d’install a decorative offset in these narrow spaces. Here is a mini cabinet of curiosity, with l’ocher golden. Tip deco : paint the paneling in ocher golden to contrast with the framework of the niche vert d’water. A l’inside of this framework, objects deco-style cabinet of curiosity take place in harmony of color. panelling “Ocher golden” niche “source Water” Collection Cream Color Dulux Valentine .

With all these colors and styles deco surely you have found l’inspiration to paint your parts. Then, to your brushes !

Ochre golden brown c is the colour

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