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Nice and functional studio deco templates

One of the main features of the studio is its size: it is a small apartment. The studio deco should therefore conform to this property. The examples we have chosen to show in this post represent functional and aesthetic design studios. If the decoration of the first is dominated by white (color which, as we all know, magnifies visually), the others are characterized by rather sober or dark color schemes (gray, black, brown). If you are in search of inspiration for the layout of your new or old studio, please browse through the selection below.

 functional gray white studio deco

Minimalist studio deco in white

 Modern white kitchen studio deco

This small studio is optimally furnished. The minimalist design of the furniture, the light colors and the “pure” materials inspire a sensation of cleanliness and presence of space. The colorful accents as well as the original objects revive the decor of white domination while giving the studio a unique look.

Wake white decor with color accents

 white studio decor white dining table

White and steel make a beautiful combination

 kitchen deco studio stainless steel sink

Modern and functional bathroom

 modern white bathroom studio decor

Small details make the atmosphere in a home

 contemporary gray design studio sofa

Studio decoration in white, red and black

 studio decoration white red black

Studio decoration in black, brown and white

 decoration studio sober black contemporary brown

Illuminated studio kitchen

 modern red wood kitchen studio city

Contemporary and artistic design studio

 modern wooden bookcase studio furniture

Unlike the first example, this studio is designed in more varied and brilliant colors. The decor is richer and includes multiple vintage design objects. The wood (parquet, bookcase, table, worktop in the kitchen area …) contributes largely to the creation of a cozy atmosphere.

 studio living modern artistic deco

 decoration studio carpet multicolor parquet

 studio design wooden floor lighting

 deco wooden design sofa table

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