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Naturally Curved Solid Wood Floor by Bolefloor

Yes, you read the title – a floor in wood massive naturally curved. It is beautiful in addition to this floor, is not it? Before we used to cover this kind of “defaults” on our old floors and now it becomes fashionable.

What curves! The curved lengths follow the natural curves of the tree because nature did not create upright soils – it was the industry that created them.

The name of the founding company of these curved Bolefloor floors comes from the source material they use. Bole means tree trunk. The company’s manufacturing technology makes it possible to harvest more material per tree, which reduces the need to cut more trees. And each floor is unique, as is every tree in the forest. These floor models are available in walnut, ash, cherry, maple and oak. And as Bolefloor is often said “life is not a straight line”, then why should your wooden floor be?

Naturally Curved Solid Wood Floor by Bolefloor

 solid wood floor

Modern interior with a Naturally Curved Solid Wood Floor

 Modern Interiors Wooden Floor

This curved wood floor is available in several colors

 curved solid wood floor

Modern wooden interior decoration with floor to floor

 wooden floor to interior wood

Space Dressing Room with Wood Flooring

 Wood Floor Dressing Room

Original Interior Design with Curved Wood Floor 

This floor model is an original way to modernize your interior


Salon de deco Minimalist co with wooden floor

 solid wood floor living room

This floor is perfect also for the outside

 wooden floor exteriuer

 bathroom floor wood


 living room floor curved wood

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