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More ideas for your dining room space in white

To help you make your choice, we we have selected some photos of white dining rooms. They illustrate different philosophies of the use of white, either as dominant color or as accent. Because there are several levels of consideration, before starting work. First of all, even if you have chosen white as the dominant color, you still have to decide whether you prefer smooth and shiny white or matte and satin. Whatever your decision, it is true that white goes with absolutely all styles of furniture and accessories.

 Bright White Stay

The warm colors enhance the white

 stay colors green yellow white

Then, it is possible that you prefer a strong touch of white without it being the dominant color. Again, we offer several variations that all highlight the white through other colors. Some prefer the contrast between white and black and the monochrome plane. Still others opt for the warm colors and textures of natural wood that blends perfectly with white. Contemporary urban design likes to articulate white with bare walls in red or plastered brick, as you will see below.

A very design dining room

 Small living room wall bricks plaster white

If you’re not sure to love completely white walls you can choose a wide striped wallpaper that introduces color. It is also very likely to paint surfaces with off-white that goes to gray. Finally, why not an interior dining room really colorful where white is accented on one or more elements? It will be your artistic touch.

Wood softens the glowing white light

 Stay white accent wood

White is accentuated by the splashes of color

 White stay artistic design

The contrast between white walls and floor in black

 white black stay

Of the dominant white with black curtains

 black white dining room

A real interior tro with white and tender purple

 small stay purple white

White wallpaper with stripes of soft colors

 dining room accent light green white

Accent on the wall in plastered brick

 orange dining room green

bright white living room with black chairs

 bright white living room black

Living room with wood accent and mustard green

 stay accent mustard green

Contrast between whiteness and warm colors

 stay white wood furniture color

white light and brick wall

 sà © day bare brick wall

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