Modern terrace: how to decorate the outdoor space?

Do you have a garden, terrace or balcony? How to arrange this space in a functional, modern and elegant way?

There are many possibilities! If you are looking for some inspiring ideas for your outdoor space, we invite you to discover our great record of examples of modern terrace with or without a garden.

Modern terrace: how to decorate the outdoor space?

 Modern terrace Design Idea Original Decor exterior design

Modern furnished terrace with braided resin furniture

 landscaping terrace modern sofa cushions design armchair idyllic flowerpot decoc garden terrace

First, the layout of an outdoor space begins with the choice of furniture. If you want to follow the trends and impress your guests, then dare DIY! Making your own furniture is the perfect way to develop your DIY skills and know-how. It is also an opportunity to make unique outdoor furniture, personalized and design. If you do not have a lot of experience as a do-it-yourselfer, we recommend starting with wooden pallets.

They are easy to handle and you can, without much effort, create a table, a garden bench, a sofa, a chair and others. The wooden pallets can be transformed in many different ways.

Modern terrace with braided resin furniture

 garden living room braided resin idé coffee table garden modern terrace amà © Ideation

How do you define a modern interior or exterior? More and more people are becoming big fans of minimalist design. In reality, its success is not so much related to trends. The minimalist design is above all a conscious, ecological and functional design. It is suitable for small and large spaces. In addition, it is also economical and practical. If you have a terrace or a garden, you do not need a lot of furniture. Just install a bench or sofa in wooden pallets. Often a piece of furniture fulfills several different functions: a bench or a wooden pallet sofa can be transformed into a table, for example. The less furniture and objects installed on the terrace, the more functional they will be. This simple principle is undoubtedly very practical for small outdoor spaces.

DIY wooden flower box

 DIY flower box designed design deco modern outdoor design idà © e flower pots

Regardless of whether you have a garden or not, the presence of some greenery in any form is important. Flowerpots and flowerpots are part of the outdoor design and decoration. For a successful exterior, the vegetation is the primordial element of decadence. Why be outdoors if you can not enjoy nature? For small terraces, you can install hanging flowerpots to save space. Another very practical idea is the bright flower pots.

Modern terrace and lighting

 Modern terrace with lighting

The lighting is the second I am of great importance for a successful landscaping and outdoor decoration. Often neglected, the lighting is indeed the element that will determine the atmosphere of your terrace. In general, the terrace or the balcony are a space of relaxation and sharing. When having a drink or dinner with family or friends, there is no need for lighting too strong.

Bright terrace with light garland

 ] lighting terrace idea light string chair outdoor dining table

A terrace lit up in an appropriate way is a terrace highlighted. To choose lighting adapted to your space, take into account its size. If your terrace is small, lighting too bright is not recommended. For a warm and friendly atmosphere, opt for a sieved and discreet lighting. For a happy atmosphere, the lights of colors are ideal. The light garlands, with multiple light bulbs of various colors, are perfect for creating a bohemian and modern atmosphere at a time. Do not forget the rule of thumb: adding color to a space is always moderate, if you put too much it can create a “Christmas” atmosphere.

Terrace with discreet lighting

 discreet lighting terrace idée external landscaping chair table design flower pots

For small spaces, the bright furniture is a very practical and functional solution. There are many contemporary designers, enthusiasts of bright outdoor furniture. You can find stools, tables, armchairs and others. This furniture diffuses a very soft light, it is moreover very comfortable and design. Want a zen and modern atmosphere, then opt for bright furniture for your terrace!

Terrace furnished with bright furniture

 terrace modern design bright furniture idé white coffee table

Finally, if you want to get your terrace out of the way, rely on functionality, choose the right lighting and accentuate the presence of nature. Hoping that our gallery will inspire you and give you new ideas, we invite you to discover the rest of our selection:

Bright Flower Pots

 Bright Pot Design Idea Chair long outdoor landscaping

Terrace with swimming pool and mild lighting

 swimming pool terrace outdoor lighting outdoor lounge chair flowerpot

Wooden deck chair design, Country style

 exterior arrangement design coffee table design wood lounge chair modern parasol

Idea of ​​original recovery

 idea of Garden cupcake piano wood design flowers terrace garden

 flower pots DIY idea deco garden terrace landscaping flower boxes diy

 swing design ideal landscaping terrace outdoor deco laughing room

 modern outdoor terrace ideal swinging in wood design garden

 modern terrace design idea sofa wooden design diy cushions decorated candles idea

 sofa wooden pallet terrace modern design ideal cushions decorated

 terrace idéeagement design sofa minimalist cushion ideal exterior decor

 garden furniture resin braided design coffee table glass exterior design modern

 chairs table outdoor wood design pallet diy

 modern terrace ideal landscaping deco wooden bench cushions flowerpot decocidated

 low garden table diy modern idea deco amà © Exterior design

 modern terrace ideal landscaping deco wood pallet flowers

 modern terrace pallet wood DIY deco outdoor design flower pots

 Ã ... Picture outside wood flowerpots idea storage design deco diy

 ideae modern garden landscaping terrace pallet wood red deco

 outside landscaping small space idea furniture wood diy

 living room garden pallet wood diy idea landscaping modern terrace

 landscaping terrace modern garden bench pallet table diy

 outdoor landscaping wood furniture design white table roulette garden bench diy wood ideal cushions

 outdoor space ideal landscaping canapés réessine braided Coffee table deco

 outdoor decoration cushion idea landscaping terrace

 idea landscaping simple wood terrace design garden

 outside landscaping design idiom sofa cushions coffee table dining table light flower pots

 idea terrace modern design gray ottoman design deco cushions plant flowerpot idé deco

 idea outside deck terrace storage flowerpots chair cushion [19659057] decoration terrace balcony idea landscaping chair flowerpots

 garden living room design wood deco decoration bench garden wood cushions low wooden table

 garden furniture resin braided design ideal coffee table cushion umbrella design ideal pouf

 wood dining table design chair ideal outdoor landscaping

 modern terrace lighting ideal Design chair modern landscaping decó flowers bouquet

 coffee table idea diy original outdoor modern decorations decó flowers idées cushions garden benches

 terrace modern idea amà © Decoration design coffee table braided resin decorated sofa cushions flowers ideal

 wooden table diy ideal decorate chair original bouquet flowers design ideal

 arrangement modern terrace wood design deco flowers idea flowerpot design glasses modern ideas

 table garden terrace diy wood idea modern deco outdoor landscaping

 coffee table orange design idea outdoor landscaping decent chair braided resin

 garden landscaping modern terrace ideal decorations flowers chair resin braided cushions

 stylish terrace design ideas design cushions modern outdoor idea

 idea development outdoor design chaise longue orange deco pool idea plant flowerpot

 outdoor lighting ideal garden furniture coffee table armchair

 design outdoor design sofa © white cushion idea deceived plant

 outdoor landscaping design idea chair table parasol design stone deco plant ideal

 idea outside landscaping laughing design deco wooden table ideals cushions sofa garden

 exterior layout terrace minimalist style idi e decen plant candles design

 exterior design design chaise longue pool outdoor deco

 exterior design minimalist design coffee table wood design decoding light [19659077] garden furniture braided resin design designed sofa cushions armchair garden pouf

 exterior design ideas terrace design chair metal cushion cushions ideals

 small terrace design landscaping deco garden small

 modern terrace design planning design outdoor wood coffee table bench

 exterior design layout design e chaise longue wood outdoor decoration

 garden bench wood pallet design ideal deco chaise longue wood coffee table wood design

 terrace modern planning ideal chaise longue resin braided Design

 wooden pallet chair design ideal furniture wood furniture outside ideas

 terrace planning ideal chair outdoor wood modern deco palette coffee table white deco plant flowerpot

 deco terrace flowerpots idea pots of flowers blue ball decorated

 landscaping minimalist terrace design coffee table deco flowerpot idea

 coffee table terrace ideal design chair wood design deco plant pot of flowers
 outdoor landscaping deco chair red coffee table design stone deco

 flower tray DIY wood pallet idea garden

 living room resin Braided Idea Outdoor Sofas Cushion Chair Beige Resin Design Idea
 Idea Exterior Home Decor Deco Light Garland Design Idea Chair Wood Cushions Carpet

 terrace design modern outdoor fireplace ideal cushion chair deco

 terrace layout classic design armchair cushion idea
 idea recipe original deco garden terrace design ideal tree design

 modern exterior design idea dà © dà © co cushions black and white modern design ideal

 design design couch cushion idea deco flowers flower pots

 recipe old objects idé deco garden original chair resine

 landscaping garden terrace idea wooden flower box modern design

 wood table chair resin braided design outdoor landscaping

 wooden table DIY wood design idea e chair outdoors modern sofa cushions

 hammock design terrace ideal planning modern decor wood table design

 modern outdoor layout idà © e white chair outdoor dining table

 modern outdoor furniture ideals wooden pallets design id Coffee table

 modern outdoor furniture idea chair braided resin design exterior fireplace modern design

 decoration terrace elegant stylish dà © là © co pillow light garland wall white bricks

 decorating terrace cushion couch wooden pallet design diy

 ideals garden deco landscaping terrace idyllic planters diy

 idà Recipe design idea deco garden outdoor landscaping modern garden deco plant ideal

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