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Modern painting and wall art for interior decoration

The modern paintings and wall art are the perfect solutions to decorate or complete the decor of your home. In this article we will present you some ideas that will be useful to carry out your decorative project. It’s time to decorate your white walls with a modern painting, you can see on the pictures on display.

There is no precise rule, it’s about making your imagination play in order to arrange the colors to establish a balance in the room you want to decorate and exhibit the artwork by highlighting its decorative function. The modern painting and wall art in general will bring you a dose of brilliant colors that will reinvigorate your living space. If the colors of your pieces are very vivid and imposing, then you can choose paints in neutral colors, in shades of gray and white for example.

 modern painting wall deco

Modern painting balanced color

 modern painting interior house design

The layout of your modern painting is also very important in order to avoid empty spaces that give the impression of something missing. If you have a whole room to revamp it is good to know that the paintings must be arranged so that the colors and style do not contradict each other. It is a question of style which will optimize your interior design.

Modern painting and painting in neutral colors

 painting modern decoration chimney

If on one side of the room you have a modern painting whose dominant color is red for example, it would be better if on the other side you choose paintings in the shades of black, white and beige. Speaking of neutral shades, this image presents a modern painting in the shades of black, white and brown. As you can see, neutral colors have the power to unite and harmonize space in a room.

Modern table arrangement

 modern picture wall lounge ide

Speaking of black and white, we already know the power of this combination of colors. Because sometimes the best way to fill the space is to hang more than a painting on the same wall. Here is the example of the suspension of two modern paintings with a mirror between them! In the image shown, we can see that there is nothing more interesting than a group of black and white photographs. We can also see how the artwork is combined with other elements, such as a mirror and a minimalist shelf.

Modern painting red, green and blue color

 Modern living room painting interior design

Do not discard your frames if their colors do not match. In fact, you can find another way to combine them in a dynamic grouping: celebrate the power of bright colors. Red frames, yellow frames, black frames – they all go together in a colorful room. Not all works of art come in a frame! In fact, the displays evoke the creativity of an art installation, such as modern wall sculpture. Wall sculptures add a 3-D element to an interior and they have a unique decorative power.

Modern paintings gray and beige colors

 modern paintings gray, beige and wall art deco

Modern photographs in black and white

 modern photography black and white deco

modern black and white paintings with mirror

 modern paintings black and white colors mirror and wall art deco

Modern paintings different colored frames

 wall art 3D installation bright colors

wall art simple shapes

 wall art 3D installation simple deco

 modern painting and wall art deco

 modern painting balanced colors and wall art deco

 modern painting neutral colors white and gray and wall-deco art

 modern painting arrangement e n harmony and wall art deco

 modern red painting and wall-deco art

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