Modern Living Room by Musterring in 25 Ideas of Layout

In this article we will share with you 25 ideas of furnishing a modern living room .

We focus on the German manufacturer Musterring which is a reference on the furniture market.

The solutions presented below are distinguished by the designs furniture, dominant colors and the style of decoration chosen.

Modern Living Room by Musterring in 25 Ideas of Layout

 modern living room furniture design pictures musterring

Modern spacious living room in light colors

 modern living room living room design deco furniture

Now, all the salons selected have two characteristics in common: they are functional and very aesthetic. The majority of the examples are of purified and discreet style. Neutral colors such as beige, green and light brown, gray and ocher are recurrent in Musterring creations. We now propose to explore in detail these modern salons.

Modern living room with contrasting colors in contemporary style.

 modern living room furniture decoration musterring

The advantage of modern living rooms is that we a carte blanche to mix the colors that one wishes to use but also to play with the shapes, the materials and the texture of the furnishing. Geometric shapes are very trendy, especially mixed with classic furniture.

Design furniture in a contemporary living room

 modern living room furniture interior design

Deco idea modern living room design by Musterring

 modern living room interior design design

Red accent in modern living room trend

 red accent modern living room furniture

Simple design furniture in really chic ivory

Wooden furniture and leather sofa in modern living room

 white contemporary lounge leather couch

Canap deco bright orange in fresh and illuminated living room

 orange sofa modern living room

Ivory and brown wooden furniture, comfort guaranteed

 design pure musterring black armchair living room

Library modular in a contemporary living room

 large modular library living room

Modern and cozy design living room for your apartment

 furniture wood sofa armchair gray living room

Armchair leather in living room convivial

 furniture ivory leather modern living room

decoration of living room glam

 furniture ivory wooden mat living room

Modern living room with cream colors

 simple modern furniture living room

Trendy living room and optimized for your comfort

 beige furniture modern living room musterring

Playing with the colors of the coffee tables

 contemporary brown wood living room furniture

Light landscaping on a modern background

 contemporary black wall living room musterring

Green to brighten up your day

 light green walls contemporary wooden living room

Chic white for your modern living room

 white living room contemporary design purple rug

Combining white and brown, veil the result

 white living room furniture modern design

 contemporary living room furnishings beige brown

 contemporary living room colors purple ivory green
 modern spacious living room white furniture

 red carpet modern living room gray furniture

 conference room modern white

 modern living room chic furnishings musterring

 modern living room elegant design musterring

 modern living room musterring neutral colors

 modern living room carpet original library

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