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Modern home in Kuala Lumpur: The Vale Townhouse

The design studio Blu Water has designed an original project in the form of a decorative house called “The Vale Townhouse” located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The result of the work of the architects is a charming house with a bohemian atmosphere and at the same time a modern design. You will see how the open space has been filled with creative objects, beautiful furniture and decorative details.

 modern decorative house Kuala Lumpur

Decorative house with large open space that includes the living room, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen

 interior house interior beige gray

Take the time to discover the many original details inside this beautiful home decor ! His interior is really impressive with his graphic art, original furniture and beautiful lighting. We particularly like the interior of the bedrooms, their bright space and the calm feeling they create. Comfortable reading corners, creative wallpaper and vibrant colors complete the image of this harmonious home. And you, what do you like most about this house?

The interior decoration of the open space is in gray, white and yellow and has many creative decorative details


The living room has a TV, a comfortable sofa and a coffee table very interesting and modern

 home decoration living room modern design

The living room is nothing pompous while encompassing a few different styles including Scandinavian style, Japanese style and feng shui style.

All the walls in this beautiful house are decorated with at least one artistic detail

 Modern TV lounge deco house

The floor is covered with floating floors that contributes to the modern and practical appearance of this fashion studio.

Bedroom with wall decoration and reading area

 bedroom reading room deco

Feel free to go all the way of this gallery of photos we have chosen for you!

Bedroom with wall deco and wooden shelf unusual shape

 Bedroom wall deco interesting

Bedroom in bedtime design in black and white

 bedroom deco black white

Bedroom with artistic board over the bed

 bedroom panel art

The blue blanket laid on the bed is a very refreshing decorative detail

 interesting wall decoration room

 decorative home bedroom design

 modern home original bedroom

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