Modern extension of a historic heritage house in Sidney

The design team of the design studio Rolf Ockert Design has just completed the construction of the modern extension of a house classified historic heritage in Sidney.

The project, named 46 North Avenue, aimed to add extra living space for a young couple with children. Before the extension, the one-level house covered an area of ​​100 m2 which was considered insufficient by the family. One way to meet the needs of the inhabitants would have been to build a second floor.

But it would be in violation of the rules of urban architecture in the neighborhood. This is what the architects of Rolf Ockert had to take into account. The decision was made to build an adjacent modern extension that extends the house and enlarges it in length. As seen in the photos, the difference in styles between the two buildings is obvious.

Modern extension of a historic heritage house in Sidney

 Architecture Rolf Ockert House Extension

On one side we have a charming traditional house on one floor with the typical brick facade, on the other, a modern extension of a rectangular geometry, covered of gray gum tree. A highlight of this creation is the particularly original interior design. The brightly colored décor creates a warm atmosphere that contrasts with the unassuming exterior. The living room is particularly light and airy. The paintings on the walls reinforce the sense of space and comfort.

A modern extension of minimalist style

 Rolf Ockert architecture extension minimalist house

A sober facade

 Rolf Ockert architecture extension house facade

An extension adjacent to the old house

 old house new Ockert

The new house has a further level

 Ockert Design house extension

Ultra-modern forms

 Ockert House design extension detail

A colorful interior in contrast with the exterior

 Ockert Design house modern interior extension

Bright colors and abstract art paintings

 Rolf Ockert Design First Level

A Yellow Design Staircase

 Ockert Design Sidney Interior House

Minimalist and Warm Bedroom

 Rolf Ockert Design Bedroom

A Joyous Decor e and modern

 Rolf Ockert Design staircase

Facade of the adjacent traditional house

 former traditional facade house Sidney

The interior garden

 Ockert Design home garden

 Rolf Ockert Design Plan

 Rolf Ockert Design Plan

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