Modern chair inspired by Daft Punk for your disco evenings

The modern chair  French Touch, designed by Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli for Joogii Design depicts an acrylic chair. She is inspired by Daft Punk, Cassius and other musk house bands of the 90’s.

The asymmetrical parts of the chair are joined with steel bolts and covered of a dichroic film. This is meant to symbolize the distinctive sound of this kind of music. The transparent layer of the chair is effervescent under the light of day, with changing pink, green and blue shades.

At night, the modern chair becomes darker with red, yellow and blue shades. This gives a bit of an effect like house music. Mutzke-Felippelli says about her chair that she is vibrant and soothing. She is sold with the playlist that inspired her creation. Here are some pictures.

Modern chair inspired by Daft Punk for your disco evenings


The modern chair inspired by Daft Punk

 modern neon chair transparent

This one is made of transparent acrylic with a modern look

 modern chair original design

For older people fans of Daft Punk music this modern chair will find a very special place in your home and many people will want to see it and try it. That said it is done as a piece of art and comfort is not expected. It’s perfect for your disco party nights and in the company of Daft Punk’s music no one would think of sitting on it. It would suffice to contemplate while dancing around it. After all, it’s the dream of more than one.

The chair changes its nuances depending on the time of the day

 Modern acrylic design chair

With the arrival e of the night the chair changes its colors. The darker it gets, the more vibrant the colors become under the sounds of Daft Punk. The evening effect – disco is guaranteed in a unique and modern atmosphere.

Original design chair and ultra modern

 original modern design chair

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