Modern bedroom – 5 examples of designer bedrooms

The place where you go to sleep at night reflects much of your personality. Each modern bedroom among these 5 examples is not only a beautiful place but also a quiet space that tells many of its owners.

The serene white walls decorated with poetic quotes make the first chamber a place that pays tribute to writers and readers. The small desk with built-in shelves looks like a great outdoor reading area, perfect for whole days.

 Modern Bedroom Quotes

The poetry quotes on the white walls and the minimalist style make this bedroom a modern bedroom

 Modern bedroom quotes bed

In the second room in modern bedroom there are elements of wooden pallets that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The dark gray duvet contrasts with the birch-colored ceiling. Natural light arrives through the front window while modern light bulbs provide light at night.

Platform beds are even more modernized with this platform bed platform in the third bedroom. The lack of shelves and superfluous furniture makes it easier to fall asleep. Sliding doors open onto a terrace for morning coffee.

Minimalist and modern white wooden desk

 Modern bedroom quotes-office

In this fourth bedroom l space is well used with the platform bed which also incorporates shelves and a kitchen area. The mix of different wood patterns is very interesting.

The fifth bedroom is certainly inspired by nature with this green and white. The duvet also hides shades of green as well as curtains, walls and floor.This is a very Zen bedroom.

Beautiful terrace with greenery that contrasts with the white furniture

 bedroom modern terrace

Design bedroom with beautiful gray duvet

 modern bedroom wood

Large very original lamps serving lamps

 bedroom modern wood lamp

Esapce reading or working in this comfortable room

 modern bedroom wood window

Minimalist design and no superfluous in the modern bedroom

 bedroom modern comforter

A platform-on-platform design bed

 a design bed room with a platform bed

A very comfortable and original bedside lamp

 a bedroom design bed

Colorful accents on the walls give freshness to this modern room

 bedroom bed lamp

 bedroom ideas bed

 furnishing room design wood

 room design wood cabinets

 furniture bedroom design bar

 green modern bedroom

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