Minimalist kitchen model: more than 40 ideas of refined kitchens that do not lack character

When we say “minimalist interior”, we all imagine a clean space that often lacks character.

Well, the kitchen models you’ll find here prove the opposite: the minimalist style can be quite eye-catching as any other interior style. Just add a simple accent to make the kitchen model minimalist personalized and original. The only difference is that we add the accents in small doses.

You still have to stay in the “minimalist” category. A minimalist space is one that favors light tones, has little furniture and is modest in decoration.

The minimalist kitchen model is not necessarily boring.

Are you looking for a minimalist kitchen model that does not lack character? Today, we present more than 40 kitchen models in a sleek and trendy style.

Scroll down and discover all our inspiring ideas for redeveloping or renovating your kitchen.

Why is the minimalist kitchen model so successful in interior design?

It is not only the minimalist kitchen model that is so successful in interior design, but any other room designed in this style of design. It’s been more than 20 years since the Scandinavian and refined spirit was durably invited in our interiors.

The spirit of Nordic design has invaded our kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, terraces, gardens … It’s really everywhere! Indeed, its success is due to the fact that it has many advantages.

Tout d’abord, c’est un style très facile à intégrer dans n’importe quel intérieur de maison ou d’appartement.

Integrate a spectacular light in the white kitchen model

Good lighting is a must for any kitchen, especially when it comes to the kitchen island or countertop. Lighting can also be the decorative accent of your white kitchen that you are looking for. A single large luminaire of spectacular design is enough to bring character to your kitchen. You’ll find all kinds of spectacular pendant lighting fixtures online or in specialty stores.

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