A low table with fireplace for evenings at the top

A coffee table design that is equipped d’a central hearth to enhance the decor outside and bring heat and conviviality on the terrace even during the evenings of the cooler, here’s an ingenious idea !

When it gets chilly at l’outside, the open-air evenings can quickly become unpleasant at least d’be equipped d’a plaid cozy… But if the coffee table was turned on heating and provided a gentle warmth to the’like the brazier ? With d’a central hearth, the coffee table wisp allows you to warm up and extend your evenings at l’outside whatever the season ! A design table of Acacia wood, ensuring a high resistance to heat and weathering, which ensures moments of conviviality and well-being on the terrace or in the garden, for unique evenings, and pleasant, thanks to its central fire to the gas which diffuses a gentle heat or intense, depending on your desires. A fire of different intensities, which turns on and rule by a single button powered by a bottle of invisible gas placed judiciously under the table. A piece of furniture, deco and design, rendering, natural with d’firewall protection tempered glass which completes the whole, and reflects in a magical way the flames on his glass and creates an atmosphere particularly warm and friendly. Then more reason for you to freeze at the’outside !

A low table with fireplace for evenings at the top

A coffee table to warm up to the’outside

trendy Design, this coffee table with central hearth to warm up will make many happy during the cool evenings to the’outside to a warm and friendly atmosphere, in the garden or on the terrace ! Table low-wisp, composite lava stone, Dimensions : 80 cm x 80cm x 52.5 cm, Available in three colors: teak, white, or in color natural white, Price:? 699, The gardens of the Countess.

For more d’information or to purchase the coffee Table wisp visit The gardens of the countess.

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