Lounge Bar, all about its layout and deco

Like the wine cellar, the lounge bar is an element that is used to associate with decency Cozy and chic interiors. Typical of the layout of our residences for much of the 20th century, the lounge bar was sunk into oblivion these days.

All of this, to get it back in fashion right now! Â If you dream of owning a lounge bar in your living space, you’ve fallen In the right place. In this text, we share with you tips for the development of such a corner and models of trendy bars that you can use as inspiration.

Living a lounge bar – essential points to consider

A modern living room bar can take various forms depending on the space available. Sometimes it comes as a landscaped area with a counter and stools. In other cases, it is organized as a corner with a small piece of furniture containing the ingredients necessary for the preparation of different drinks. Regardless of the form you choose, there are some basic principles that will help you to create a convenient and friendly bar. We show them below.

Lounge Bar, all about its layout and deco

 baroque-style bar-stool-iron-forge bar

Preserving functional storage for his lounge bar

 Vintage living room bar-furniture-wood

The first essential principle for the development of a successful lounge bar touches the storage space. These are essential for a well-organized bar, regardless of its size and shape. The creation of such a space requires appropriate storage for your bottles of drinks. But, in addition, it is advisable to provide shelves for glasses and all other accessories that you will use.


Shakers knives, spoons, decorations, cutting boards … These are just a few examples of objects that are commonly used in such an area of ​​the house. Even if they can be stored in a drawer in your kitchen, these accessories will be much easier to use if they are near the space where you will be serving your drinks.

 bar-pour- salon-idee-decoration-panier

 Thinking of appropriate storage space will avoid you to move into your kitchen and keep in touch with the people around your lounge bar. A piece of furniture made to measure and Especially for your stay is the best option in this regard. But other options are also available: a console table, a buffet, a serving …

 lounge bar cabinet-storage-buffet-idea

Moreover, the development of a bar salon does not necessarily require big expenses. A former library furniture could very well be transformed into a practical storage for a small corner of this kind.

Well equip his lounge bar

 furniture-bar-for-salon-wood-color- black

If you play the role of a bartender, you would also need a specific equipment. For your cold drinks, you should have ice cubes always at your fingertips. For this reason, buying a small fridge would be a good investment when planning your bar. If not, consider purchasing a special container for the icecream that you will bring from your kitchen.

Organize the space around his lounge bar to accommodate his friends

Owners of a lounge bar are generally people who like to entertain friends and organize parties. Some people prefer to take their party with one or two very close friends; others adore crowds. The number of people you invite is essential for the proper organization of the interior space.


Think about the comfort of your guests and imagine the plan of your bar lounge area without neglecting the issue of seating. Provide as much as you think necessary. There again, no need to spend a lot to design a functional space. Indeed, we are free to find the best way to decorate and decorate your bar area according to the means available. Buy new furniture is an option among others!

Update its accessories for lounge bar


The objects that are exhibited and used to serve drinks in their lounge bar have an influence on the atmosphere of this space. For this reason, it is important to update its accessories once the bar is finished. This part of your decoration depends entirely on your imagination. Select new sets or a variety of glasses from different styles, as you wish.

How to organize your home bar?

After these tips that relate to Essential elements to plan for the creation of a lounge bar, we pass to a series of ideas on the organization of this zone of the stay. Bar cabinet, counter, small corner bar, island … Let’s see what are the options of plans and modern decor for the house and the apartment.

The counter bar cabinet, a classic option for large and small salons


As for the organization of a bar of house or apartment, the bar cabinet counter is the first option that comes to mind. Countertops are a practical option that makes it easy to furnish this area and contributes to the ambiance of the interior space.

 lounge-with-bar-stools-wood-marble countertop

Tailor-made or ready-made, the bar counter offers an additional work plan for the apartment or house bar. For the bartender, it is an invaluable asset. This work plan will be used for the preparation of beverages, while the rest of the space will be reserved for storage.

 idea-furnishing-bar-living-room-black-deco For people sitting around the bar counter furniture, it is a versatile surface. It will be used as a stand for their glasses and appetizer appetizers. From a more practical point of view, it would be a surface to which one can lean to settle even more comfortably.

 furniture-counter-bar-living room-modern-stools This type of bar cabinet for living room also functions as a room divider. It allows us to visually divide his stay into several areas and to clearly indicate that of the bar. All this, without cluttering the room with walls and partitions!


Moreover, the bar counter furniture is an option that will appeal to lovers of modern and minimalist style. Thanks to its purified look and concealed storage, it gives the interior an impeccable look and facilitates the maintenance of the living space!

The counter bar cabinet in a kitchen open to living room


The bar counter is also the most widespread solution for the furnishing of a kitchen open to a living room. Here, the bar stands as a complement to the meal preparation area.


Inspired by the American cuisine, the concept of this interior space plan is to make it as easy as possible to create a cheap bar. For, unlike other lounge bars, the one who separates the kitchen and the living room does not require the installation of storage furniture and extra equipment. bar of living room wood-kitchen-open-idea

the corner cooks already having shelves for the glasses, a basin and a fridge, you will have only find appropriate stools! The latter are an almost indispensable accessory to the successful bar deco.


Modern or vintage, the chairs and counter underline the atmosphere authentic interior space. Check out our special file on this bar decoc and find the model that best suits your home!

Our ideas for built-in bar furniture

In addition to the bar counter, there is also an interior design option around a built-in bar cabinet. This type of space organization is ideal for creating a drinks corner in an empty part of an open living room.

 Sub-Slope-Wall-Brick Lounge Bar

Adapted to the shape and size of the room, the built-in bar cabinet adapts to all the specificities of our homes. Thus, it simplifies the interior layout of a room under attic or other atypical spaces.


The corner bar furniture fits easily into small apartments. On the picture a top, an example of this kind of solution. The wall mirror behind the counter serves two purposes. On the one hand, it reinforces the trendy bar atmosphere in America. On the other hand, it increases the size of the room.

 lounge bar amenagement-small-apartment-model

To harmonize at best the look of your modern bar furniture with your decoration, choose its color according to that of the rest of your furniture. The white bar, for example, is ideal for a design living room dominated by wood or other natural materials.


The small bar furniture will reduce those who have a living room with a wall niche they want to devote to a pub corner. Once the furniture is placed in the niche, they have two options. The first would be to leave this corner open and visible; the second, to hide it behind a curtain.

Adapt a storage to a modern bar cabinet for his living room

 furniture-bar-living room-contemporary-wall-paper-painted

To create For a cheap and modern bar, there is often another solution: to adapt a piece of furniture to one’s needs. Whether it’s a wall shelf or a bookshelf, this idea offers a lot of possibilities for customizing the interior space.

 closet -bar-salon-design-furniture-open

For example, a piece of furniture metal shelf could perfectly turn into a modern bar. To facilitate the cleaning of this area, provide glass doors that will protect your glasses from dust.

 counter bar-stools-closet bar

As for the Other types of lounge bars, bookcases and wall shelves are to be accompanied by some chairs with or without table. This trick will give a finished look to this area of ​​your living room.


By the way, you do not need to a piece of furniture high to achieve a cheap and modern bar. Low storage and console tables also lend themselves to this deco option.


Low furniture closed are probably the best option for decorating a small living room. One can buy one specially designed for the furnishing of a bar or relooking a piece of antique furniture to give it this role.

 lounge bar poufs-stool -deco-moderne

The console table is easily transformed into a modern bar furniture for small apartments. Its long tray recalls the worktop of a classic counter. And, in addition, the empty space under the console could be used to store some chairs for your bar!


above, an idea of ​​small piece of space saving furniture, with a mini table whose tray has metamorphosed into counter space saving. Despite its small size, this table has all the necessary elements for an authentic atmosphere, including candles!

Plan your space with interior bar furniture space saving On Wheels


The living room bar cabinet with casters is the latest interior fitting option that fits consider. Unmistakable and chic, the service houses without problem the elements necessary for a bar lounge area.

 lounge bar small-space-serving-metal

In fact, the service is generally endowed with two levels which serve for the storage of bottles and glasses. Depending on the size of your bar furniture of this type, you might even have room for some deco items!


In addition, some services are provided with additional drawers and shelves. These small details increase the storage space and further simplify the creation of a chic and cheap mini bar.


Easy To move, this piece of furniture gives us a great advantage: it can be stored in a corner of the room or placed in the center of the living room quickly and without any effort. In this way, one is free to play with the plan of his stay and to reconsider the organization of his bar for living room according to his desires.

 decoration-bar-living-room-console wood-tableau

Finally, imagine a decoration for this modern or vintage bar furniture is not difficult. Use trays of vases and candles to adorn the empty space on its upper level. And do not hesitate to bet on a trendy decoration for the wall behind your serving. Here are two inspiring examples in this regard:


 amenagement -small-bar-lounge-console-transparent