Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Want to change the decor of your interior ? And if you let yourself inspire by the new trend for 2017 ? New colors, materials that give l’authenticity to your interior design, scandinavian-inspired, or organic materials, each will find his happiness.

1. The new shades

Finished shades of traditional around the beige, taupe, sand, or chocolate. Place the novelty and the emergence of new shades ! Long live the new trend for 2017. The name alone makes you want to say ” woof “, c’is class. Welcome to the ” Monday misty “, the ” green mist “, “l’Etruscan” or the shade ” celebration “. The pigments are more pronounced and are adorned with golden reflections.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

The original hues that are piquant to redo its interior.

  • A kitchen that’we want modern will be addressed d’a credence, color “Etrusco” underscored by a note of ” Celebration “.
  • In a room, leave room for ‘veil of mystery’ or opt for the “l’étoile de mer” : the soft hues, but that will nevertheless a lot of brightness.
  • Furniture, doors of rooms or cupboards will sport the “grey antique” the “salamander” or the ” clematis “. Choose a dark shade for contrast with the walls more clear and give the terrain to your room.

2. Flash back on noble metals:

Copper or brass are making their big comeback in our interiors.

S’it was very popular in our grandmothers time where they were making their jams in large kettles, copper has made its come-back and s’enrolled as a tendency to 2017. In the kitchen utensils of course, but also in the object deco, light fixtures. Very elegant, first of all it is a perfect conductor of heat and has wonderful antibacterial virtues. It protects especially of bacteria that can grow in the food. In deco, he will be both rustic and ultra modern.

  • In a kitchen cookware copper will create an atmosphere that truly rustic. N’hesitate to hang pots and pans to nails and to make them suspend. On wooden shelves, opt for the small pots, rather, the rendering will be better.
  • In a living room or a big apartment that you want to decorate in a modern way, then the copper will be reserved for lamps, vases or furniture. The trend for 2017 for lots of small objects in copper. In a spirit that is completely modern and not rustic this time, choose d’dress that the credence in copper.
  • For the bathroom, pots, glasses, or any small accessories in copper will bring a touch of sophistication very pronounced

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Dare copper to your light fixtures. The sophistication warranty.

In regards to the brass, it reappears also in the bathrooms and the kitchens through the taps. He dress is also very stylish frames, some lamps or lighting fixtures. In any case, a return to the vintage guaranteed.

3. The scandinavian style :

Offering both a modern style, minimalist, and furniture using wood, leather, or hemp, the scandinavian style is increasingly in vogue. We love the sleek style of the furniture, the geometric shapes, the aged wood and the pastel shades or white.

  • a living room scandinavian type : for you to do a living room scandinavian type, here are some guides:
    • opt for white on the wall
    • get chairs and tables vintage with wooden feet and oblique forms
    • snap on light fixtures falling from the ceiling
    • play with prints and colors for the sofa and the cushions d’atmosphere

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

sleek Style, shades of white or pastel furniture with geometric forms. Scandinavian Style. © westwing.fr

  • a cooking style, and scandinavian : in the kitchen, the materials mix. The white modern furniture or walls, and is highlighted by a floor of wood or imitation wood, or wood furniture. Fixtures, sconces, stools or furniture s’dress of metal.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Model in Kvik. Kitchen linea gloss – from 4492 ?


  • A room of scandinavian style : scandinavian design, which s’displays in the room n’is not ready to disappear, because it is particularly suited to this room as l’one wants to be soft, pretty and very stylish at the same time.
    • again, the white s’calls on the walls . It is both clean and uncluttered.
    • light fixtures are very present, especially s’they are imposing or articulated. And yes, in the nordic countries the night falls quickly and the need for light is important.
    • wood, preferably aged or whitened adds a wall to bring her warmth and authenticity
    • accessories softness to the pastel shades of preferences. Plaids, cushions impact round or the effect knitwear. Bed linens with geometric blue, white and grey, free rein to your inspiration.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Room scandinavian style

For each of the parts of your home, treat yourself with accessories from the peeling-melt wood, l’clock in the steel passing through the boxes in storage to price all minis.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Furniture white and wood for a look that’s totally scandinavian.


4. The organic materials :

The peak of pollution, the cities more and more concrete make the’call to nature becomes increasingly apparent. Because of this, the decor goes green and natural. Among the great tendency to 2017, plants, larger arrays of lights, plant materials, natural elements that blend between them.

In addition, for walls, we choose now materials such as cork, lime and green walls. To make a beautiful deco for example, you can focus the small dirty with plants or flowers. Plant walls most impressive, for their part, also allow them to clean your interior. Outside, in addition to the fact d’be decorative, they will also enhance l’thermal and acoustic insulation.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Part plant. Its reduced size allows it to l’hang it in the bathroom, the kitchen, or in the’entry.

cork : great novelty trend to 2017. Objects, walls and now the carpet made from fiber, cork has the wind in its sails. Cork display, cork great pattern and colorful, cork treaty for the wet parts, do you have a modern décor and eco-friendly. In each of the parts, l’one of its properties will be highlighted. Anti-bacterial, anti-tasks, insulation, c’is the new hero of modern times. Try to use the cork mixed with d’other materials to create a decorative pattern. In a room d’a student or a work desk, a wall in cork will be adequate to pin all of your notes.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

New collection from Ikea, putting the cork in the’honor : the collection Sinnerlig.

rattan : very fashionable a few decades ago, rattan is making a big comeback in our homes. That’it is found ? Its elegance and light pace. Bedrooms, living room, or even on verandas when it is suspended, the cane armchair seduced. The top of the top : to harmonize with a beautiful carpet of coarse curly and accessorize with cushions or plaids soft.

Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

Chair Kubu Square – weaving done by hand.


Let yourself be seduced by the new trend to 2018

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