Laurel Way Modern House by Whipple Russell

The Whipple Russell Architecture Office recently completed the magnificent Modern House Project Laurel Way in Beverly Hills, California. For the creation of the Laurel Way House, the architect was inspired by a design of the interior space of his own – each room and space must be like a jewelry box – with an individualized, very functional interior design and focused on a singular sound experience. We recognize the architect’s signature in every detail – the natural stone cladding that mixes rough and smooth stone, the solid wood panels alongside the glass panels, reflecting the water.

 Modern House Laurel Way California

The first impression that the when you enter the house it is the feeling of lightness, the illusion that the walls float because the whole is connected to the outside. The other concept of the designer is the symmetry between beams, support panels and tiles. Another important detail, the walls do not reach the ceiling, there is always an open space that contributes to the general feeling of lightness and flutter.

This organization of space is both vertical and horizontal, while curved or moving shapes are found in greenery and around the house with water channels. The bedrooms, the dining room and the living room are presented in chocolate and cream-white colors, relieved by dark wenge wood flooring. Everywhere, all the elements are perfectly cut and aligned. Admire this modern house with spacious and floating architecture.

The modern house by Whipple Russell

 modern terraced house

The main entrance

modern house Laurel Way main entrance

 modern home Laurel Way garage

The dark wood living room with bay windows

 modern home Laurel Way living room

Bedroom open to the outside

 modern architecture bedroom in

Storage space

 modern architecture storage space

Exterior facade with water canal

 modern architecture canal house water

Flowery hallway with rough stone wall

modern architecture house with flowery hall

 modern architecture kitchen white brown

Space kitchen modern design

 modern architecture home kitchen

Floor in worm re for an effect transparency

 modern architecture house floor glass

bright dining room

 modern architecture house dining room

glass panels for exterior walls

 modern architecture house outlet garden

In the dining room of polished white and brown wood panels

 modern architecture house view living room

Side swimming pool

 modern architecture terrace day

Kitchen area and terrace seen from outside

 architecture modern terrace night

The rooms are independent

 Laurel-Way house independent rooms


 Laurel Way bathroom house

Laurel Way house interior space

 Laurel Way house interior space

Modern House General View

 Modern House General View

Exterior Layout

 Design Outdoor Space House Design Garage

Bedroom with an exceptional design

 bedroom design interior modern double bed deco laurel-way

Kitchen interior white

 kitchen modern design lamp hanging kitchen island

 idea living room modern hanging lamp deco design flowers wall painting

 lounge chair leather design terrace fire modern exterior design

 terrace design idea design home outdoor sofa coffee table romantic fire palm

 idea outdoor furniture white table low plant home deco

 living room furnishings design deco wall green chalkboard sofa black deco flowers small living room table leather chair palms

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