Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

Balcony, mini terrace or patio, as d’outside plan with care ! Fermob, the leading brand of garden furniture is up to the challenge by focusing this year on the small balconies and terraces with a range of furniture d’exterior adjustable and foldable. Traditional garden chair bistro discount to the taste of the day, garden-style sixties or table variable geometry for s’insert throughout, a furniture design feature to adopt without hesitation in order to create fine-tune the decor of the balcony and the terrace!!!

garden furniture suited for small outdoor

With the lack of space especially in cities, balconies and other small garden and terrace do not seem necessarily to be very friendly. That’never mind, l’approach to the’been, Fermob offers of garden furniture and practical design to accommodate a balcony or a small terrace without compromising the’space, and will replace without problem the large garden of your dreams ! Revisiting the classics of the’design cheap and functional as the chair Bistro or the benches of the sixties, the brand of outdoor furniture that rivals d’inventiveness for you to save space intelligently with modular furniture, foldable and handy to suit your needs. And because the practicality n’is nothing without a cared aesthetic, Fermob plays the card of modernity customizable by putting at your disposal a wide palette of colours to brighten up all the small spaces city dwellers and make them into real places of conviviality !

L’land-use balcony with a table and chairs Bistro Fermob

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

These chairs and the Bistro table color Poppy stylish come to enliven this parisian balcony without reducing the’space. ©Fermob

The spring sign of the revival and this season it is the chairs and tables Bistro that make new skin on the balcony! Very appreciated since always by the limonadiers, who worshipped their practicality and their minimalist aesthetic, l’ensemble table and chairs Bistro is without a doubt the best friend of the small balconies. Dressed now in multiple colours as this colour Poppy glamour and stylish range of Bistro outdoor furniture Fermob wake up l’outside l’harmonizing with the very happy and sunny summer season that is approaching. Foldable with a snap of the finger, this small furniture d’outside stores easily against a wall or in a rack without a nibble of place because of its appearance and ultra-thin. An idea of the layout of the balcony practical and aesthetic, ideal to enjoy breakfast in the sun even in the heart of the city.

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

A table and chair multifunctional folding against the railing of the balcony, there is nothing like to save space ! ©Fermob

new for the spring of 2015, the bistro table plays the card of the multifunction ! In addition, d’be very discreet when folded, the new tables Bistro take supplement a system of clips that lets you hang them on the railing of the balcony. A tip to avoid that’they fall in case of wind and an idea malignant to fold and unfold the table more easily. And this n’is not everything ! These new tables signed Fermob have more d’a tour in the bag since’they also have a window box. A convenient way to accommodate your plants d’outside all year round or used as a shelf for spices during the meal. Table Collection Bistro by Fermob

garden furniture Bistro rely on color

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

Round or square, the tables and chairs of the Collection Bistro s’fit together according to desires and fall in a blink of an eye in a corner of the garden or the balcony ! ©Fermob

With the Collection Bistro there really is something for all tastes to furnish its terrace with bright colours ! Offered in a multitude of colors, these tables Bistro discounts in the current trend by Fermob also know how to adopt one of several forms to satisfy all your desires. Round, rectangular or square, their variable geometry allows to assemble easily with each other according to l’place, and, therefore, to be able to choose the size of the crowd l’one wishes depending on the number d’guests. You are afraid that’a large number of tables Bistro come to you and clutter up the space once the meal is finished ? Don’t worry ! While some tables may not be that’stacked in a corner, these tables have the ability to bend and thus to store discreetly without a problem. One more reason to adopt without moderation ! Fermob – the Collection of Bistro chairs and tables

Pop the table and thees garden chairs Surprising

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

Epurée and design, the table Surprising s’installs neatly in a small courtyard in the city and allows d’accommodate 4 to 6 people while the crop not l’space…we love it ! ©Fermob

full of charm, the garden table Surprising of Fermob shakes her cocktail d’assets for a result really surprising. Modern and practical, this table is stylized by its legs original bears its name well since despite his appearance closely, she creates the surprise in being able to gather together 4 to 6 guests ! A large capacity for a small footprint that fits wonderfully to the runs, citadines and small balconies. Associated with chairs, metal Collection Flower green or chairs of the family Suprising, this garden table provides a functional layout and good taste.

The garden atmosphere of the sixties

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

The sixties are doing their come-back on the terrace with garden furniture orange so funky and practical over the market ! ©Fermob

This garden seems big and bulky ? Don’t be so sure it is just the opposite ! Its design is rounded, voluptuous and design allows the bench seat and chairs to find seating on a terrace, even small or on a large balcony. Surfing on the wave of the deco retro range, the “Sixties” is distinguished by its original look, inviting and comfortable, which gives the possibility d’arrange a small seating area in the small . Sparkling thanks to its coating bichrome color paprika, this set of furniture outdoor, compact design and comfort will certainly be able to delight the nostalgic, as well as lovers of deco funky.

Table and chairs ideal for a small garden with the range of outdoor

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

This garden set with chairs little bulky and his round table promises of breakfast enjoyable in the court ! ©Fermob

We take a real puff d’oxygen with these chairs, how garden, public light as a l’air ! Just called outdoors, these chairs with very fine lines can develop almost the air of a small garden without loading the’space thanks to the elegant mixture of the seat canvas and the tubular structure. Stable thanks to their base in X, these chairs “outdoor” light gray fits harmoniously around the round table from the same collection. Harmony deco fresh, clean, and a land use cunning to take full advantage of her small garden as this is the time for a quick lunch or even a coffee break well deserved !

Landscaping a balcony and small terrace with Fermob

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