Kitchen counter and bathroom in concrete: industrial elegance

In a previous article we talked about concrete as a material for cladding walls and floor . Today, the concrete settles in the kitchen and the bathroom in the form of elegant and modern counter.

Often considered a Coldly and used for exterior construction, concrete has already gained its place in contemporary interior design. For an industrial or contemporary touch, invite concrete into your kitchen and bathroom. First of all, we invite you to consult our large folder of examples of kitchen counter and bathroom in concrete in order to discover its qualities and its aesthetics in contexts of ‘interior miscellaneous.

Kitchen counter and bathroom in concrete: industrial elegance

 Countertop Kitchen Bathroom Concrete Idea Improvement Surface

Kitchen Counter and Center Dish in Concrete

 Kitchen Counter Concrete Central Island Kitchen Idea Arrangement

This is thanks to the industrial design that the role of concrete has been rethought and it was finally introduced into the interior design. It is, nowadays, more and more used by contemporary designers. It brings an original touch, makes the room more mineral and at the same time its appearance makes it very easy to marry to the various styles of design. Coating a concrete floor is difficult, but installing a kitchen or bathroom counter in concrete is less expensive and will also bring to your room the industrial touch desired.

First, it is important to note that there are two types of concrete: natural and composite. These first are made from cement, water and sand, while the composite sticks are made from resin. In its raw state, the concrete is gray in color clear or slightly dark. All the same, there are three techniques to color it: dyed in the mass, colored on the surface or paint it.

Cooking Counter and Center Island in Concrete

 kitchen countertop ®lot central arrangement ideals deco flowers

Usually the gray color is considered cold. A fully-groomed room in gray is a brave decision, but perhaps a little risky. By cons, matched with wood, the gray color of concrete is beautifully elegant. For this reason, many designers often opt for this wedding that has become a classic in industrial design.

Dark gray kitchen countertop in gray

 Gray kitchen countertop in concrete design

Choosing concrete for your counter is a practical and aesthetic decision. It is very resistant and suitable for indoors and outdoors. Its price is generally modest, installing a concrete countertop in the kitchen or bathroom is a long-term investment.

Close-up kitchen counter

 concrete kitchen wood island kitchen countertop concrete design modern kitchen

Concrete can be installed in a natural state , it can be lacquered or painted if you want concrete, but its gray side does not attract you or you always find it bland. Several designers offer countertops in artistic brass. It is finely crafted and looks better for a more sophisticated look.

Large kitchen with concrete surface

 countertop kitchen concrete gray design wood design kitchen design

Modern or antique style, simple or complex shape, hot or cold, smooth or textured, matte or lacquered, brightly colored or earthy, the concrete is never synthetic, it is always natural and unique appearance. For a kitchen or bathroom in industrial style, minimalist or simply modern, concrete is an ideal solution. We invite you to discover its beauty through our great record of kitchen and bathroom countertops below:

Countertop and Countertop Island

 Countertop kitchen cabinet gray design ideal kitchen design large kitchen light fixture

Industrial style kitchen

 kitchen counter top gray design wood central island ideal

Kitchen modern countertop with countertop

 countertop kitchen gray concrete design dining room idea kitchen interior design

Countertop bathroom countertop

 countertop bathroom bathroom design ideal sink mirrored drawers

bathroom counter in concrete bath

 countertop kitchen concrete bright blue modern furniture wood bathroom

Bathed brilliant

 bathroom concrete stylish à © v first countertop gray design drawers wood

Countertop shower stall and counter

 bathroom bathroom ideal shower stall plant

Small counter and sink 

Countertop and bathroom vanity bathroom waxed

 bathroom bathroom design sà © vier Modern Bathroom Design Idea

Counter and Center Concrete Center In Dark Gray

 Kitchen Counter Concrete Countertop Design Ideal

Small kitchen island and large countertop in concrete

 kitchen concrete design woodlot in wood furnishings

Industrial style interior with floor, island and countertop in concrete

 interior industrial style idyllic kitchen woodstead stool central

Wedding furniture in painted wood in blan c and concrete surface in light gray

 modern kitchen ideal concrete wood furniture


 kitchen concrete concrete amà © ideally designed industrial style

 countertop bathroom design ideal design white

 kitchen concrete wood central island design furniture wood tiled floor idea parquet

 bé your kitchen wood furniture design ideal layout central kitchen kitchen lighting pendant
 white kitchen layout central island ideal lighting design suspension modern wood furniture
 kitchen countertop concrete ®lot central wood flooring

 kitchen islot concrete wood furniture design furniture ideal wall decoration poster

 kitchen wood concrete countertop ideally central modern furniture wood design © vier

 interior modern kitchen central flat concrete wood design mobilie r

 kitchen countertop dark color design furniture wood

 countertop concrete bright design bathroom

 countertop bathroom ideal wall tile

 countertop bathroom bathroom mirror ideal

 concrete bathroom ideal bathtub counter

 counter wood concrete ideal layout bathroom shower curtain white sink plant

 hall wood bathroom bathtower decorate flowers modern bathroom design
 bathroom countertop design wood furniture deco plant

 bathroom countertop design idec Bathroom bathroom

 bathroom natural bathroom design idea

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 Countertop Kitchen Idea concrete kitchen furniture wood wall tile
 bathroom countertop gray designed bathroom mirror wall bathroom

 concrete countertop bathroom furniture wood shower cabin deco succulent [19659071] kitchen furniture wood idea design countertop concrete

 countertop bathroom concrete wood plant decoded

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