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Interior modern design by the Vietnamese designer Koj

These 3D visualizations show the working style of the Vietnamese designer Koj that you already know about our articles recently published. This time, we chose to let you know his design of the interior modern design – from the small town apartment to the big house of property.

In all these spaces of life have found the signature of the designer and his inimitable style well-structured and organized pieces that attract attention by their beauty. The small apartment is often characterized by neutral colors and clear plywood cladding. The designer helps to create a sense of space. These are colors and materials that he often uses also in large apartments or houses. Another peculiarity of Koj’s modern interior design is the introduction of furniture items made from wooden crates and pieces of glass. It’s something everyone can do at home, an excellent DIY idea.

Interior modern design by the Vietnamese designer Koj

 apartment small sofa table roulettes

A great designer for small and large apartment

 flat small neutral colors

Interior modern design for small apartment

Bedroom with light and neutral colors

 apartment small bedroom

Apartment medium size

 chairs minimalist design

Bedroom urban style

 bedroom light dark blue wood

Bedroom with storage  bedroom large wardrobe

Bedroom with bay window

 bedroom bay window

Bedroom with wall upholstered

 bedroom wall isolated

Bedroom colors gray and wooded

 bedroom urban style

Bedside table design orig inal

 bedroom design table Koj

Custom-made shelves in the living room

 custom-made living room shelves

Modern design-style armchair in red


 Minimalist design armchairs Koj

Metallic chairs design Koj

 Metallic chairs design koj

Armchair for comfortable reading corner

 Fauteuil comfort reading

Contemporary furniture

 interior modern design contemporary chair

kitchen open to living room

 interior modern design open spaces

interior in dark wood and white nuances

 interior modern design koj

Soft colors with comfortable sofa

 interior modern design marble

Modern furniture, light and dark tones

 interior modern design light living room

Living Room and Kitchen

 interior of modern sign living room kitchen

Bright and spacious living room

 interior modern design spacious living room

A living room with storage spaces

 interior modern design living room

A coffee table and design armchair

 modern design furniture coffee table

A contemporary style rockingchair

 modern rocking chair
 contemporary living room design Koj

 living room cream color

 living room lighting hanging lamps

 light modern living room

 living room light parquet dark furniture

 living room living room white contemporary

 living room wide sofa

 living room design white wood table

 oval living room table [19659064] upholstered chair modern

 apartment light wood

 apartment small side desk

 kitchen small design Koj

 bar covered marble

 bedroom lighting led

 bedroom à © shelves [19659071] bedroom hallogene

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