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Interior decoration zen – some ideas concocted

Nowadays it is really hard to find a quiet and peaceful place to rest. Of course, we still have the possibility to create our own little paradise inside our house.

This is why the The use of decor principles is increasingly practiced when it comes to decorating the interior. But what is a zen interior decoration ?

In Zen Japan means meditation. The Zen decor should reflect the balance, harmony and relaxation. Zen is associated with minimalism, simplicity and the purity of lines in interior design or the garden. Here are some ideas on how to create a zen interior decoration at home.

Interior decoration zen – some ideas concocted

 zen interior decorating his bedroom

For your zen interior decorating – beautiful warm fireplace

 dà © dà © coration of interior zen salon cheminee idee

Earthy colors

The Interior decoration zen is in earthy colors and in soft shades like white, gray beige or rosé beige. And it’s no secret that these colors help us relax. The chromatic harmony between the different elements is very important for the zen decor as well as the continuity in the design.

Softness for your feet

Parquet and the different options of wood flooring are always a good choice. You can choose white, gray, light colors but also dark colors unless they match with the rest of your decoration.

The resin floor is also a good option that is comfortable and modern. And the well matched woolen rugs with the rest will give even more softness to your feet.

Simplicity and harmony are the essential elements in a decency zen

 interior decoration zen staircase design green plant

The Play of Light

Forget fluorescent lamps and replace them with candles or natural light if possible. You must have the ability to control the intensity of the light. Avoid direct light from lamps and use more bedside lamps and table lamps.

Wood and green plants are required for zen

 Interior decoration zen amenagement small room

Simple and natural furniture

Zen furniture is simple and natural without details and sophisticated ornaments. The materials of manufacture are of high quality since it creates a warm atmosphere. There are some special rules for the bedroom as it is a key room for the Zen interior.

First of all your bed needs to be laid close to a source of natural light and far from doors or passages. The nightstands are very comfortable but they must be in soft shades.All the furniture in this room must be of simple design and the most natural possible.

If we must really give you a rule for your zen interior decoration it will be simplicity and minimalism.

Zen interior decoration of bathroom with wood

 interior decoration zen bathroom wood tub orginale

Beautiful modern living room in gray with chimney

 modern interior design zen

Design minimalist interior in white

 Interior decoration Zen - day

Zen wooden bed and very original

 Zen wood bed

Designer bedroom in pale green and yellow

 Interior decoration Zen - Bedroom

Zen kitchen furniture and warm

 Interior decoration zen - furniture

Beautiful plants with red flowers on a coffee table

 Interior decoration zen - plant

Zen Inspired Modern Design Salon

 Zen Interior Decorating Salon

Element that serves as a typical relaxing for Zen Decoration

 Zen Interior Decoration - Relaxed

Comfortable and Relaxing Bedroom

 Interior Design zen - bedroom

Zen-inspired bedroom in pale green

 green bedroom nature

Furnishing Idea a living room following the zen principles

 decoration of interior zen colors

Interior decoration zen de chambre

 interior decoration zen bed

Zen interior decoration with paintings

 interior decoration zen furniture

Zen interior decoration with terrace and green plants

 Zen interior decoration

 zen interior design

 interior design zen wood

 contemporary zen design interior

 ideals zen desiogn interior

 round wooden bed zen

 deco house zen

 plants interior decor zen

 bathroom zen

 bathroom zen wood

 dining room wood zen

 furniture interior zen

 decoration zen bedroom

 decoration zen bathroom

 decoration zen salon design

 zen modern living room decoration

 zen modern style decor

 zen modern interiors decor

 zen wood furniture decor

 zen decor living room room

 zen interior deco interior

 living room living room zen decoration

 interior decoration zen salon

 Interior decoration zen - fireplace

 Interior decoration zen - sofa wood

 Zen chairs wood

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