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Interior decoration of a chic apartment: inspiration from Germany

The interior design of this apartment will certainly please fans of modern design. Alexander Zenzura designed an apartment of clean lines combined with sumptuous textures.

The designer has created an ergonomic space and aesthetic dream. The house consists of a kitchen open to the living room, a beautiful bathroom and two bedrooms (adult and child).

 interior design open kitchens contemporary home

Interior decoration of a luxury apartment

 interior decoration living room cozy kitchen

The living room is furnished with a large modular sofa. The glazed balcony and the greenery create a sense of space and elegantly add color and freshness to the apartment. The ergonomic white kitchen with a marble counter completes perfectly the magnificent dining room. Soft tones and neutral shades create a peaceful atmosphere in a luxury home.

Wood furniture in a chic apartment

 interior decoration home furnishings coffee table wood

The chairs in the dining room are particularly interesting from their artistic design. The simple design white table and cupboards accentuate the sophisticated appearance of the apartment. And now, you can examine the rest of the photos of this designer interior and interior images taken from other similar projects.

Home interior decoration idea with wood cladding and large windows

 homes contemporary interior design ideas

Contemporary interior design idea in white and open living room wood

 interior design living room white kitchen and wood

Contemporary home decoration in minimalist style and natural with wooden furniture and white walls

 interior decoration dining room design wood furniture

Idea of ​​contemporary adult bedroom decor in neutral shades and accents in colors

 interior decoration bedroom adult furnishings

Modern interior design and contemporary design

 interior design spacious apartment mod erne

Interior decoration of dining room

 wooden chairs interior design decoration

The design of the apartment is uncluttered and simple

 interior decoration white dining room

The apartment is spacious and illuminated

 decoration refined contemporary apartment soft colors

Lighting black suspension in dining room

 interior decoration open kitchen living room

The greenery attributes the freshness to the dining room

 interior design dining room modern apartment

The apartment is ergonomically designed

 interior design kitchen white marble

Stylish Furnishings bedroom

 bed design original interior deco bedroom

 interior decoration bedroom minimalist

 chandelier bed contemporary bedroom gray white

 room child decoration yellow white

 room child original decoration yellow modern

 corner work room child interior decoration

 interior design room child colors

 bathroom decoration luxurious white marble

 bathroom equipment decoration neutral colors

 bathroom design marble spa white tiles

 bathroom white marble decoration apartment

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