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Interior deco of hotel … hosted in a castle

You can imagine the classic castles, is not it? Here, we will present the Castle of the Resle – a French hotel of interior decad atypical.

construction has been renovated and decorated in a way to match the requirements of the 21st century.

The mix of antiques and contemporary decorative objects results in an interesting and unusual style that gives the hotel a unique and refined look.

The props are very colorful and infuse merry mood with peaceful walls.

Interior deco of hotel … hosted in a castle

 interior deco castle France

Interior room interior of modern hotel room

 interior room bedroom chà ¢ wooden hotel

The castle of the Resle was built in the 17th century. It is located in the municipality Montigny-sur-Resle in the Burgundy region. The hotel has several double rooms, as well as luxury suites. It also has a restaurant and a pool & spa.

A wide variety of activities are offered to guests so that they can discover the surroundings in a pleasant and original way. Feel free to book your unique design room and spend a dream holiday in the French countryside!

Interior bedroom of hotel room hedged castle

 interior room dark room castle

White spiral staircase in contemporary hotel room

 spiral staircase modern deco hotel


 interior room old castle colors

kitchen of decorative decoration and wooden furniture

 interior decoration castle black white kitchen

Design furniture in hotel kitchen

 contemporary interior design furniture

Original decoration in contemporary hotel kitchen

 amà © Kitchen decoration deco chateau hotel

Interior decoration of corridor in the castle of the Resle

 interior decoration hallway hotel black

contemporary bathroom with wooden ceiling beams

 deco bathroom hotel halls beams

 bathroom chateau modern interior design

 interior design bathroom interior design

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