Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

You looking for a solution d’insulation for your home ? The insulating sustainable are a track to explore. Cotton wool, wood, sheep wool, hemp and flax, there’plenty of choice to insulate his house with eco-friendly materials. Zoom in on the natural materials d’thermal insulation, soundproofing and environmental s’part of the sustainable development.

L’isolation of the house natural

You are performing a renovation and d’insulation in your home ? The insulating sustainable are ideal to control the’impact on the environment by cleaning up the interior on the long-term. If install double-glazed windows is a first step in the’heat and sound insulation d’a house or d’an apartment, if the paint room allows today’hui to protect a room from cold and noise, and isolate l’inside or l’outside, a roof or a wall is also critical. To do this, there are high-performance materials and natural that are alternatives to the traditional rolls and batts of glass wool and rock wool.

wool, cotton, hemp, flax and wool to wood, for example, insulating sustainable natural which ensure that both their role d’isolation of the house, to optimize the thermal performance and guarantee a respect for the’environment total. Fully recyclable, these insulators allow you to make savings on heating and d’energy is non-negligible, while bringing comfort to the’inside. Proof that reconcile renovation and ecology n’is more an idea whimsical, check out 4 insulating materials-durable.

L’insulation sustainable in cotton wool

Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

sweaters wool cotton recycled to create insulation panels durable.

Your old sweaters could keep you warm for a long time ! Recycled product d’wool insulation cotton, sweaters, and other clothes are retrieved and then processed to create panels d’thermal insulation to be effective. They optimize l’insulation under the roofs, the attics, floors and walls.

thermal insulation panels, wood wool

Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

To isolate and renovate a house, you can opt for insulation, sustainable wood-wool outcome of sustainable development.

Has the time for an efficient heat and sound insulation, wood wool is an alternative to l’isolation classic with glass wool and rock wool. Natural, it is recyclable and compostable. This material regulates the temperature to the’inside all winter to keep the heat that’in the summer to cool off the house.

sheep’s wool as an ecological insulation

Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

insulation sheep wool for thermal insulation in sustainable and natural way to the house.

That’t it be more natural that the wool of sheep to keep the heat in its interior ? Re-used to create rolls d’isolation durable, the wool of sheep s’is a solution d’internal thermal insulation (ITE) and external effective. In addition, it complies with the’environment and c’is a material hardly inflammable.

insulation in hemp and flax green

Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

Blend of hemp and linen for a durable insulation natural l’event the cold and the noise.

The hemp and flax, these insulation panels rely on two natural materials for insulation, eco-friendly and sustainable. Both thermal insulation and sound insulation, these panels are from d’a French firm of sustainable development for an eco-responsible housing. Panel d’isolation of hemp and flax, Axton, 1.25 a×0.6 m.

Insulation : Wool, cotton and other insulation sustainable

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