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Bathroom lighting – that’s important


The right bathroom lighting ensures that we feel comfortable. Several light sources, preferably dimmable, are ideal for good bathroom lighting.

Feel-good factor light in the bathroom

When the light in the bathroom is right, the human is fine. Depending on the time of day and the mood, there are different demands on the light in the bathroom, depending on the time of day and the mood: Anyone who needs a cold light in the bathroom to wake up in the morning wishes warmth in the evening to relax. A well thought-out lighting concept is important. If there is enough space, it is good to integrate comfortable lighting into the bathroom.

Bathroom lighting - that's important

Several light sources

Light expert Steffen Salinger, managing director of Artemide GmbH, recommends as light in the bathroom several dimmable and ideally color-changeable light sources, a combination of ceiling, wall or pendant lights and a special illumination of the mirror. “If the light in the bathroom comes only from the ceiling,” he says, “ugly drop shadows appear when you look into the bathroom mirror.” At the mirror, he advises therefore to laterally positioned, glare-free light sources.

Regulations for bathroom lighting

With light in the bathroom, the rules for wet rooms apply. For the areas around the tub and the shower, these are particularly strict regulations, and even in the vicinity of the washbasin, if the luminaires could get splashing water, they must comply with the protection class IP X4. So you can not do without professional advice. Residential lights are used in the bathroom where they are guaranteed not to come into contact with water.

Bathroom lighting - that's important


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