Ideas interior living room of exceptional design and very trendy

There are no two such salons, even when they have the same main features. Each interior living room bears the imprint of its inhabitants, their tastes, imagination, sensitivity. In general it is a room with a TV, books, and a wide and comfortable sofa. It is a space where you spend a lot of free time, to wander to his occupations. Whether of a very modern or comfortable classic design, the living room remains a place of relaxation, the place where one escapes from work. The living room is strongly marked by our personality.

 Interior living room 80s style

Modern living room interior with creative design

 Modern living room interior sofa

Today we present salons of different styles. There is the eighties style, with the sofa and the massive and imposing armchairs. There is the interior living room arranged in a small space with a sofa made to measure. The gray-dominated living room model is also featured in our collection of choices. We have not forgotten modern design that introduces lighting techniques that enhance furniture, interior design and interior design. The touches of color are everywhere the small element that gives personality.

An ultra-modern living room

 Contemporary living room ultra modern lighting

Some living rooms present a certain more feminine lightness with flowers, plants and cushions scattered, others have a masculine character with dark colors. Decorative pieces are also essential: a candlestick, a sculpture, paintings or vases. For your interior living room look at our selection of exceptional design living rooms and get inspired.

The small chic women’s living room by NW-Interior

 Elegant living room of European type

Interior warm living room inspired modern art by Angelo Fernandes

 Interior living room warm modern art

Sophisticated lighting by Longoni

 Interior living room gray shades

Interior living room original design Facebook

 Interior living room original design facebook

Gray is very fashionable

 Modern living room

Interior spacious living room with kitchen

 Contemporary living room with kitchen

The inspiration pop art

 Contemporary living room inspiration popart

Contemporary living room with very table low

 Contemporary living room upholstered furniture

The artist studio style

 The cozy living room artistic inspiration

The interior design with a very masculine accent

 Modern deco living room

Modern living room in white with parquet

 Modern living room parquet floor

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