Ideas for a living room – 23 luxuriously decorated lounges

With all the time we spend in our living rooms and living rooms to chat with our family, have fun, read, watch the TV or to receive guests we would like at least to have a nice disappointment.

But to decide for a particular decency can be a real ordeal for some people. ™ between us.

That’s why we’re there to help you and we’ve made a compilation with 23 Ideas Deco Salon that can serve as inspiration.

Ideas for a living room – 23 luxuriously decorated lounges

 Ideas deco living room wall

Idea Decoc living room in black and white and an armchair in yellow  Ideas deco living room- white rug black

What you need to know when choosing the colors of your living room is that white and black are always at the fashion. These two colors create a visual impact but are a little cold too. You can rectify it by introducing a little wood.

As for the walls, a bricks wall will add texture to your decoration but also modernity if combined with marble, concrete and glass. A typographical decoration on the walls is also a good idea that draws attention.

Modern living room with sofa and coffee table in red color

 Ideas deco living room lux furniture

The tiled floor is very easy to maintain and the shiny surface will reflect the light in the room.

Green plants will give life to vote deco and they are timeless – you can choose the kind of plants you like most.

If you have a beautiful view from your living room, then make sure you can see it. in this case a minimalist decor will suffice for your living room to be elegant and modern.

Luxury furnishing of a modern living room

 ideals deco salon lux furniture

design in white and coffee table in wood

 ideals deco living room luxury white

Salon of original design with fur on the floor

 Idea decoration living room

Living room with a large minimalist white leather sofa

 Wide leather sofa living room

A deco idea for a contemporary living room with fireplace

 ideals deco living room luxury sofa

Original decoration of living room

 ideals deco modern living room

Decorated living room with green plants

 living room design furniture

Cozy and rustic living room in wood

 living room furniture wood

Decor printed motif living room

 modern living room furniture

 ideals decorated living room wall

 modern living room furnished
 modern wooden living room

 living room design bar

 living room design furniture

 living room modern design

 modern living room furniture design

 deco living room design furniture

 furniture living room modern design

 living room design furniture leather

 minialist gray living room
 pink salon design

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