How to tidy up your room – 9 tips to optimize space and organize your interior

How to tidy up your bedroom? This is a question we often ask ourselves, no matter if we are adults, teenagers, students, brothers or brides … Whatever the size of the bedroom and its size, this personal space always seems to end with to shelter full of objects of any kind.

Learning how to tidy up your bedroom, it’s easy when you select the right furniture.

Yes, you’re here have understood! It’s the bedroom storage furniture that will allow you to get a well-organized space. Below, our ideas of furniture to organize your room and keep it in perfect condition!

How to tidy up your room – 9 tips to optimize space and organize your interior

 How to store your bedroom a-bedroom-furniture-storage-tricks-deco

To learn how to tidy up your room, that passes by the choice of a chest of drawers!

 how to tidy up your bedroom furniture -coffee-drawers

To learn how to put away your bedroom, it necessarily means choosing a dresser. Small or big, the decision is up to you depending on the available space. If you share your room, you can even consider getting two dressers, one for each person.

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The dresser is an essential bedroom storage cabinet. And that, even if one is lucky enough to have a storage space next to where one usually stores his bed linen, for example. As needed, the dresser will be used to house bed linen or personal items. Thanks to its drawers, this piece of furniture is the ideal solution to keep it all in order and out of sight!

How to tidy up your bedroom with practical furniture and make savings

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 You want to organize your room and work on a limited budget? So think of solutions that give you the opportunity to make savings. The makeover and renovation of an antique furniture is an excellent approach in this case.

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To organize your room without spending a lot, we start by locating a practical piece of furniture. Then there is a moment to revive it yourself. The cost of the operation will be much lower than that of buying a new dresser. And, in addition, you have plenty of options to customize your antique furniture! Check out our guide on how to revitalize an old wooden piece of furniture to inspire you in the realization of your project.

Organize your room with a night table

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After the dresser, the nightstand is another piece of furniture that will facilitate your bedroom organization mission. Small, she slips easily into a small corner next to the bed. But thanks to its drawers, it has the capacity to shelter enormously of varied objects.

 how to put away its room furniture-organization-table-night-wood

Take advantage therefore of empty corners around your bed to place a piece of furniture of this type. In addition to what it can bring you in terms of additional storage space, it will also be useful to install one or two decor items. Vases, picture frames, small statuettes … it’s up to you!

How to store your room with a headboard with storage space

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In small bedrooms in particular, you want to seize any space saving opportunity that exists. The furniture head of bed we present just one. In its modern version, it offers us more space for the installation of a mini-library.


Heads of clever storage bed of this type take a very varied forms. Besides, you can even make one yourself. For this, take inspiration from one of our articles devoted to it.

How to organize your bedroom using suspended shelves

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Suspended shelving is one of those little room storage solutions that everyone can buy. Cheap and easy to attach to a wall, they cut down on those who own a collection of books, albums or deco objects to exhibit.

 organize-your-bedroom-wall-shelf -gain-de-place

If you’re one of them, do not hesitate to afford a space saving space of this type. Hang it behind your bed or on another wall of your room and enjoy even more storage space!

How to store your room with baskets and multifunctional bins


To organize your room, one should also think about the storage of textile objects, such as cushions, bedspreads and other similar accessories. And precisely for these objects nothing better than baskets and storage bins. So think about acquiring one or two baskets of this kind that are harmonized with your room decoration. Give the space a more orderly appearance by placing them in an empty corner of the room.


You want to conceal your baskets and storage bins? Try to slide them into a closet. You will thus optimize the space available inside it, while gaining your tidy textile accessories.

Idée to better organize your room with a piece of furniture of bed of type bench


The bench-type bench furniture is not only an aesthetic accessory. It can also be used for storing small accessories everyday. In addition to clothes, consider the option of organizing books and albums.


Depending on the piece of furniture bed that you have selected, you might even be able to put away some cushions, boxes or textiles.


That’s precisely this solution which has been privileged in the room on the picture above. A practical and space-saving solution that everyone can adopt!

How to optimize the space in his bedroom with a chest


The clever storage for bedroom also comes as an alternative bed boot. One of the great benefits of this furniture is the fact that they perform two functions at the same time. On the one hand, they are used as bench thanks to their padded finish.


But at the same time, they are very s practical for the storage of various textiles. These are easy to spot but remain out of sight and give the room a well-organized look.

For a more organized bedroom, go for hanging accessories

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Give your room a more orderly air by opting for hanging decor items. They occupy virtually no room on the floor of the room. On the other hand, they give us even more opportunities of decoration in height!