How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?

How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?

Skate a piece of furniture, c’is the trend and this n’has nothing to do with a deco and retro. On the contrary, give a weathered appearance to a piece of furniture, a wall, or all walls, suited to all styles even the most contemporary. With the biggest paint brands offering finishes multiple learn how to skate on your furniture and walls.

Skate a piece of furniture or a wall as in the past

Repainting a piece of furniture and the skate is ideal to give it body, a new life in the deco d’one-piece. On a piece of furniture, such as on a wall, l’effect material provided by the patina allows d’obtain subtle effects aged who s’also integrate well in a contemporary decor, spirit of provencal style or a more classic d’especially as the swatches of patina are very rich.

Skate a piece of furniture or a wall is done in 3 steps :

  • 1 – Application of the basic tinted.
  • 2 – Smoothing the spalter.
  • 3 – Installation d’a glaze finish to provide an attractive patina aged l’ensemble.

You can choose to create your own patina to furniture with a few basic products that l’found in specialty stores, but you find in-store print-ready l’employment which prevents you from fumbling in the dosage of pigments to d’get the color and texture that you want.

Council deco : Before you begin the first step of the patina, continue your support, piece of furniture or wall in white to ensure proper color rendition of your patina.

If you don’have never weathered a piece of furniture or wall, it is highly recommended that you exercise for a gesture regular and avoid the occasions of product, defects which would be strengthened during the passage of the glacis. Similarly, it is desirable that the patina is applied by a single person on a single wall so that’a unity of action is preserved.

What patina you choose ?

How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?
The patinas of Blancolor of the collection, “effects of time” offers a color chart of 12 colors. L’application is done with a short roll of 12mm. After this step, we use the spalter. The finishing layer is made with a stamp scraper special to create l’aspect worn. If it is used to skate a piece of furniture, a flat brush and a réchampir are needed for small areas. Patina Effects of time of Blancolor

How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?

For decoration of that room where the grey dominates, superb rendered with a patina to l’former on the walls that creates an atmosphere of d’yesteryear. Here, the walls are antiqued painting lime in shades of subtly tarnished by a gradient gorge-de-pigeon. The acrylic paint to lime effect of Boiro allows d’obtain a patina to the’former very easily and is available in 12 colours in matt or powder-coated, including a Choco and a yellowish-brown. For a appearance of lime aged, apply a balm whitening the cloth to give an effect wiped. The color will then be nuanced to create a spirit painting l’former. The same technique is use to skate a piece of furniture with this product.
How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?

The paintings Resources have created a range of patinas to the effects of extremely light : the Metallic very subtle reminiscent of the mother-of-pearl, or the one close to the taffeta. These paints patinas are a mixture of colors associated with powder metal. Their appearance is very lightweight, allows the use on all four walls of a room. Playing with light all day long, the patinas offer a final look, matt combined effects slightly reflective.
How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?  The swatches of “subtle patinas” Paintings Resources : 60 different colors.
How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?  Brand Home Decorative offers a nice range of patinas d’once that is reminiscent of plasters oilskins of yesteryear, to create atmospheres borrow simplicity. In this room, to skate the console they have used the Grey Concrete that creates a beautiful harmony and color with the hue yellow ocher patina on the walls.
How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?  Swatches 9 colors of the patinas “caress of the time,” Home Decorative.

You find all these paintings-and-effect patina on the wall, and the cabinet in your large areas and favorite from your usual dealer.

How to skate a piece of furniture or a wall ?

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