How to build a small room? Ikea ideas for small apartment

When it comes to building a small apartment Ikea is now thought of. And that’s where you have to go. At Ikea we find smart ideas and tips for storage with multifunctional furniture designed specifically for smaller volumes of tiny homes. The collection of very small furnished rooms that we present to you is particularly interesting. It’s a real exhibition of original ideas that can teach us how to approach the small room space.

Here is a very small stay. At first sight this room really looks very small, we just have room to put a sofa and a television. But the clever approach of the Swedish designator does much more than that. We have not one but two relaxation areas where we can watch TV, play video games and we also have a lot of shelving space for books.

 bedroom deco bed

A small, well-furnished apartment

 Small apartment living room

Living room area

 Small apartment large screen

Small living room with TV and storage spaces

 Small apartment living room storage

The tiny bedroom is also very original . The cabinet without doors limits clutter and you can move more freely. We gain more space for our business here, without limiting the movement in space. We gain space also in height, towards the ceiling and makes our small apartment more viable.

Small bedroom

 Small apartment bedroom

Wardrobe without doors

 Small apartment bedroom wardrobe

When one is in collocation or one lives several others concern appears. How to share a small apartment while keeping his privacy? In addition we often double the business to put away, each time separately, because we are not all housekeeping. Ikea offers multifunctional and multifunctional furniture that can serve as a partition between two private spaces and independent storage. Of course, the bunk beds are very practical in this configuration.

Small apartment in collocation

 Space dining room

Shelf that serves as a partition

 Shelf partition Ikea

Bunk Bed

 Bunk Bed Small Bedroom

Bunk Bed and Built-In Sofa

 Bunk Bed Small Bedroom Sofa

The small kitchen of Ikea is also very comfortable and full of tricks. She encourages us to bandage vertically. Look at these open shelves placed high up. Same thing for closets mounted even higher for business that we do not need all the time.

The Small Kitchen

 Small Kitchen Storage

Small Kitchen Campaign Design

 Small country kitchen design

Practical and pretty cooking space

 Small kitchen cooking area

Small kitchen with small central island

 Small central island kitchen

A very small bathroom can turn into a magic trick. Look at this one that even has a bathtub and a washing machine without leaving the feeling that we are too tight. The curtain here plays a vital role – it hides storage space for bathing business. For the layout of your little apartment you have everything you need.

Small Practical Bathroom

 Small Bathroom Bathtub

Designer Bathroom in White

 White Bathroom

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