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Home Office Desk: 35 Shabby Chic Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your home office deco? We offer you 35 charming ideas of shabby-chic work corners! Nowadays, more and more people are doing at least part of their work from home.

This change in the habits of modern society is also causing a change in the decorations of our interior: many of us want to create a quiet work space. in our homes.

The home office is, admittedly, a workspace but it does not obob It does not quite fit the rules of decorating tr avail in companies. Here, no obligations and codes to follow: you benefit from a very great freedom with regard to the aspect of the space. So, why not adopt the shabby chic style in this part of your house?

Home Office Desk: 35 Shabby Chic Ideas

 photos furniture deco interior office shabby

Idea of ​​deco home office style shabby chic

 deco office retro furniture

Decorate desk shabby chic style and work area at home

 deco desk chair and shabby chic table

The Shabby chic style decoration would be particularly suitable for those involved in the creative and artistic field. It is characterized by an original side but soft and quiet, ideal for a workspace. The typical colors of this style are white and neutral shades like beige and gray, which facilitate concentration and contribute to productivity.

Photo of house interior with shabby chic and deco atmosphere office

 deco office ideas chic atmosphere

This type of decoration also has another advantage: it is happy to mobilize antique furniture that can be relooked and adapted to its workspace. Suddenly, the layout of your home office would not require a big investment: it can be done with furniture that you already have at home or that you have recovered. In a shabby chic space, we mix and match pieces of furniture of different styles. We play with colors, with patinated surfaces and textiles to get a balanced and elegant set.

Example of a desk inspired by shabby chic style

 style shabby deco office furniture

Give his antique furniture a new life, have fun with the colors and accessories, what we should do if we want to have a shabby chic style desk. The layout of your home office will require some creative work. But your efforts will be well rewarded by a unique decoration of this interior space, just like those on the photos in our gallery:

Decorative Desk Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Sewing

 home furnishing vintage furniture ideas

Decorating shabby chic, feminine and elegant design desk

 shabby furniture design office table

The shabby style , ideal for the artistic workspace

 design shabby office furniture deco

Creative work space inspired by shabby chic style

 small offices decoration shabby chic

Makeover of furniture and desk shabby chic style

 furniture retro deco patinas

Office furniture in shabby chic and vintage style

 deco furniture work shabby chic

Idea vintage furniture and accessories for deco desk style shabby chic

 furniture deco shabby chic desks

Interior style vintage and shabby chic

 interior design office deco style shabby chic

Retro office furniture

 work area home deco

Vintage and romantic atmosphere for home workspace

Decorative desk shabby chic style with furniture in black

 decoration shabby desks furniture

 idea deco shabby furniture

 decor office vintage style

 decoration retro office shabby design

 idea contemporary office design

 style shabby chic office decor

 deco office chic design retro

 deco office home design

 ideas deco office furniture shabby chic

 work home office chic deco

 work space home decoration shabby

 corner office amenagement style shabby chic

 ideas office vintage design

 decoration office furniture vintage

 furniture office makeover furniture

 furniture makeover office deco vintage

 ideas office shabby chic

 planning attic decoration office

 deco wall vintage office

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