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Hairstyle man spring-summer 2018 in 55 ideas

The haircut man is not to be taken to the light. In reality, a person’s haircut reflects his personality and style. It also puts the features of the face in value.

If you are looking for trendy spring-summer 2018 styles and in the world of For the time being, we invite you to discover our record of 55 very modern and, of course, very seductive men’s cuts!

Hairstyle man spring-summer 2018 in 55 ideas

 haircut man 2016 trend spring summer

Men’s spring-to-summer haircut 2018: the Undercut

 men's haircut 2016 modern trend men's short haircut

The trends of the spring-summer 2018 season are similar to that of the past season. The cut is always short on the sides with little novelty – on the nape too. The lengths are well preserved on the top of the head. This haircut man owes its success to the fact that with the hair a little long in the middle, one can vary the hairstyles. This cup called “The Undercut” in English leads its origins of the 20s and reappears in the 70-80 years. It is durably introduced in fashion by the great artist David Bowie!

Men’s haircut with touch of spray to fix it

 Men's haircut 2016 undercut trend modern

Remember the “blue beard” ? Do you know the trend “merman”? It is a fairly recent trend that consists in the choice of very bright colors (blue, green and others) for his hair and beard. A man who colors his hair is not new, but to color his beard, it’s something of interest! The man haircut remains the same – one keeps a mid-length cut, with a gradual graduation on the nape of the neck. If you want a really different look, why not color yours? The coloring is also trendy for men’s and women’s cuts. To give a little more texture to your hair, apply a touch of gel. For a wild effect, apply spray to the seawater. The glossy effect is no longer very trendy.

The man bun has become a real trend lately

 cut of hair man trend 2016 spring summer trends

Ah the hipstersâ € |The beard is a must for these! If you’re also a bearded hipster, it’s important to take care of your look. Apply an oil or a specific care to have the beard soft and well maintained. It’s the look “manly man”, beard and tattoos, which is very trendy these days.

Be creative with your hair

 man haircut trend 2016 mid-length hair

If you want to be really trendy, then opt for the cup Undercut: very short on the side There are well-defined ear contours just like the back of the neck and a much more generous head-to-head. The big advantage of this man haircut is its flexibility. You can vary it because it is dynamic in motion: hair folded forward or projected backwards for a retro and stylish effect. Finally, have fun with your hair and transform it as you want it:

Elegant, rebellious and modern look

 cut trendy hipster man trend trendy spring summer 2016

Hair projected backwards or on the side

 men's cut trend spring summer 2016 modern trend idea

Cup recommended by the men’s magazine online American Crew

 man's haircut trend spring summer 2016 the undercut

A different version of the Undercut cut

 man hair cut trend spring summer 2016

The Undercut Cup appears for the first time in the 20’s. It is the favorite haircut of many men for a long time, years 20 to 40 years. She returns to the fashion shows in the 70’s and reappeared in 2000. Indeed, at the beginning of Beginning this cup was only reserved for poor people. And yes, the trends are changing …

The decay is modern for men’s and women’s haircuts

 coloring man hair dyeing idea trend hairstyle

The Undercut haircut is also very often associated with new wave style, synthpop and electronic music. In 2018, she became very mainstream in Britain. Finally, this man haircut has been associated with so many different cultures and subcultures that we do not know what it really symbolizes. We do know that she is super stylish and goes to almost all face shapes!

Perfect cut for curly hair

 cut hair curly man trendy modern bearded man

Beard, tattoo and cut Undercut: a full hipster look

 modern trendy men's hair cut ideal man

Elegant and secluded cut

 cut of hair man trend spring summer 2016

Idea of ​​short cut boy with touch “cut in anual”  cut man trend trendy trendy man

Classic boy’s cut for everyday  classic cut man with modern trend

The perfect cut for long-haired men  men's cut trend spring summer 2016 Idea modern man

Beard and hair well cared for to be always in a good mood look hipster cut hair black beard man

Have you ever chosen your cut for this summer?  haircut trendy men undercut trendy idea

Recently, we see a new trend reappear: men start to wear their long hair! Indeed, this mode is not quite new. It leads its cultural origins of the 60s and the hippie era. At that time, women wore their hair short, while men wore their long hair – a real change of roles!

 haircut for men trendy short hair trend

Have them long hair takes more time – wash, dry, brush. Short or long, hairdressers advise to always apply a nourishing mask to his hair, preferably based on natural ingredients.

What a man and cut style!  haircut sexy man iden undercut trend trends 2016

Short man haircut and beard

 cut man trend modern hair man hairstyle undercut idea

The hairstyle – it is the reflection of our style staff. What is the first thing you see in a person? Most often, it’s the face, the smile and the hairstyle. The face is our business card, with all its expressions, its complexion, its unique charisma. To neglect his hair is to disguise his style!

 man gel hair undercut tendency cuts

Man with hairstyle and elegant outfit  men's retro-fit haircut e trend hair man hairstyle

Very chic man of fatal look: hair back, sunglasses and stylish jacket  haircut man trend trendy men hairstyles

Boy cut short brown hair

 hair man cut modern trend trendy trendy

The Undercut: a heirloom cut of the 20s  man haircut trend modern idea trends 2016

 hair man trend modern cut idea

Want an original coloring? Try the partial coloring mud! The coloring helps to highlight the complexion of your face and the color of your eyes. Which shade to choose? Our advice is to try to sublimate your natural color by lightening it with mud. This will give you a super stylish look and rejuvenate your face.

Partial coloring man with clear mauches  cut hair man coloring deco idiom trends

Idea of ​​cut and hair style hair

 hair man trend modern cut hipster

The cut of the stars  modern fashion cut man ideal

Original interpretation of the cup Undercut  cut trend man hair style

Undercut short version  hipster cut man trend trendy hair trend modern man

Play with your hair!  man cut trend 2016 idea modern original hairstyle

 undercut hairstyle man cut hair ideals trends

Curly hair? Here is a short cut idea that will highlight your curls:

 modern fashion trendy curly hair

 modern fashion trendy men's haircut ides

 trendy men's haircut modern design trends 2016

The Undercut Cup very short version

 men's modern trend short hair men's cut

 men's modern hair style haircut

 men's fashion trend leather jacket modern cut look hipster cut undercut

 haircut for young modern trendy man

 cut modern trend man haircut

 curly hair man cut stylish modern trend

 haircut for trendy man 2016 modern idea

 haircut man trend 2016 spring summer trendy hairstyle

 haircut man trend modern hairstyle hairstyle
 man haircut trend middle-length hair trend modern idea [1 9659092] man beard hair trend product beard idea hair undercut

Coupe for man semi-short  man cut trend long hair modern trends

 man cut hair curly trend spring summer 2016

Beard is often associated with masculinity. We associate it with the style.

 man hair cut idea beard

 man haircut 2016 idea trend

 cut man trend hairstyle trend ideals [19659100] man cut trend 2016 ideal spring summer

 hair back man cut hairstyle trend 2016

 cut man 2016 trend modern stylish hair

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