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Glass pool in addition to 10 fabulous examples. Come discover them!

Nowadays, thanks to the development of technologies, glass has become a very resistant material. Thanks to this progress, the construction of a glass pool has become quite possible.

Discover our selection of more 10 high-end glass pools from the imagination of architects from around the world. They integrate in the most natural environments and blend with the decor. Some are open on the outside as well as in.

The glass pool, a pool that has everything to seduce.

These design pools with glass walls offer a show fabulous. We will discover them with the images of the projects that follow. But before that, let’s say a few words about the features of the glass pool.

The glass pool is not just an original addition to modern living spaces. It has everything to seduce even the most demanding people in terms of design. Here are 3 reasons that make us really love this type of pools.

Glass pool in addition to 10 fabulous examples. Come discover them!

 glass pool design-examples-photos

The glass pool is one of the most chic solutions of the moment

 infinity-pool-design-outdoor glass pool

Let’s say the, the pools are very attractive as well for those who like to swim as for those who like to relax on a terrace next door. In other words, the pools are lovely to watch and very elegant. And this applies to all pools, but especially to those with transparent walls.

A glass pool can easily be detached, provided it is well maintained and regularly cleaned. With such an outdoor or indoor pool, you’ll really feel like you’re in an upscale vacation home.

 design-interior-wall-transparent glass pool

And then , we know, the installation of a pool, whatever the model chosen can be quite expensive. And since you will need a specific budget to build your pool, why not offer a really chic glass pool? It would be really nice if you could have a glass wall to complete the look of your pool!

We promise you, it’s worth it! A transparent swimming pool will allow you to better appreciate the beauty of the outside and that of your pond!

The glass swimming pool is an option as sure as all the other pools

 swimming pool in glass design aamer architects modern

Glass is a material that is used to associate with fragility. But to think that the glass pool is a safer basin than the other models, is not to know all the characteristics of the transparent walls and bottoms.

In fact, the transparency of the glass is a very safe choice because the manufacturing materials of this type of swimming pool is designed to meet all safety standards.

By the way, in case of accident, the transparent wall can prove to be something that can save your life. In particular, it can help you to see the problem faster and save a life. This is an additional advantage of this type of swimming pool, not to be neglected!

The glass pool is easy to maintain and is very durable

 glass pool house-roof-flat- design-concrete

Glass walls are very easy to maintain materials. The glass is designed so that it does not stain. To add to that, it’s a material that does not corrode. This distinguishes it from other types of modern pool walls.

To clean it you only need a glass cleaner and a cloth. Wipe off dust and residues and your glass pool will be in perfect condition again!


Not to mention the fact that the glass for pool wall is very solid. It can last for several years and can withstand almost any weather conditions.

So here are the three essential advantages to consider if you are jumping between several materials for your pond. They make us love glass pools!

After talking about the strengths of transparent pools, let’s look at a selection of truly unique models. They are proof that a glass pool is really an excellent choice!

A glass pool in the Jellyfish house by Wiel Arets Architects

 glass pool design stylish modern house

This swimming pool modern was designed by Wiel Arets Architects. It is located in the house with the name Jellyfish made in Marbella, Spain. Swimmers can contemplate the wonderful view of the Mediterranean while enjoying the pool.

The swimming pool seen from inside the house

 modern design house indoor swimming pool glass

A show for real!

 pool glass design wall glass idea home improvement jellyfish

This home designed by the studio Aamer Architects includes a rooftop pool. Bathing and enjoying the beautiful view around becomes possible.

 glass bottom-concrete pool

The entire architect’s house is dominated by concrete. The material contrasts in color with the blue shades of pond water and sky.

 background-house-jellyfish glass pool

A design house with pool by Aamer Architects

 pool modern design idea

Here is another modern design pool with transparent wall. It belongs to the category of so-called hanging ponds, which means that it gives the impression of floating in the air. Below, an image that illustrates well this type of pools.

View of the swimming pool of the interior courtyard of the house

 pool glass design wood wall in fram aamer architects

A design house with pool by Dap Architects

 outdoor designer glass pool home original idea modern trend

The pool designed by Dap Architects is like an extension of the environment. Its presence is meant to be natural and harmonizes with the decor surrounding it.

Photo of the swimming pool with glass wall, design house by Dap Architects

 house glass design wall glass pool design dap architects

The residence has a design front made of stainless steel. The rusty appearance of this facade gives the pool an even more chic and interesting look.

A swimming pool with glass wall , Equis House by Barclay & Crousse Architecture

 modern design house swimming pool glass landscaping

The Equis House house was designed by Barclay & Crousse Architecture. It offers panoramic views of the ocean. Viewed from a distance, the outdoor pool of the house appears as if it were part of the great blue mass. She floats in the air!

The pool seen from afar, Barclay design & Crousse Architecture

 modern home modern design pool glass landscaping

A glass pool in a house designed by Longhi Architects

 swimming pool glass design interior house modern idea

This pool is made by Longhi Architects. Its particularity? She is inside and outside at once! Its glass wall serves as a window to the gym. In the living room, it is aligned with the dwarf wall next to it.


Outside, the basin is Specially lighted to produce an even more spectacular effect.

To complete it, the architects planned a comfortable wooden deck.


An indoor pool with glass wall by OFTB architects

 modern design glass pool designed interior layout pool design

Another example of a swimming pool original rre in this project of house of architect realized by OFTB. Built in length, the basin harmonizes perfectly with the shape of the space.

Indoor pool with glass wall, OFTB architects

 Modern interior house sofa design cushion round table pool glass

A house with pool by Patkau Architects

 Modern design glass pool house

S ituated on the roof of this design residence part lower basin is made in glass. It is part of a project  Canadian, being designed by Patkau Architects.

A design pool that contributes to the Natural lighting

 swimming pool glass modern design house

The main feature of this pool is that it is imagined e to meet the definition of a suspended pool. What is even more interesting is that it overhangs the main entrance of the house.

 pool-on -the-roof-house-beton-patkau

Exterior view of the pool whose shape follows that of the house

 Brutal casa glass swimming pool modern design

The Casa Brutale is an impressive project.The residence was created To hit it visually, and for that, it has a really extraordinary glass pool. 032] House that makes dream, house of the future, Casa Brutale

 house design swimming pool glass interior layout pool ideal

Installed on the roof of the house, the pool can To be observed from the inside. On the outside, it looks like an infinity pool.

A design glass pool on a terrace with decking, villa Marbella

 swimming pool glass house design

Another example of a pool with transparent sides, this exterior design that is part of the Villa Marbella project. With these white and blue colors, this exterior seduces by its modern and natural appearance at the same time!

A wooden pool and glass in the Devoto House by Andr Remy Arquitectos

 pool-wall- glass-terrace-wood-deco

The house Devoto House, completed in 2009, is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the challenges faced by the architects in his development was related to the external view. They decided to overcome this problem by creating an original glass pool.

The pool is located in a corner of the outside whose terrain The peculiarity of the ground allowed the architects to create a swimming pool, one of which is transparent and another is reinforced by a traditional wall with wooden cladding.


The wood is also the material used for the entire deck covering around the pool.This is what gives this outdoor space a modern and natural look at the same time.


A transparent pool in the house Tangga House by Guz Architects

The Tangga House is located close to Singapore. The architects set out to create a space inspired by the region’s traditional architecture, giving it a modern twist. From there also comes the idea of ​​the tropical-effect veined roof that is characteristic for this construction.

 pool-wall-glass-house-architect-design- tropical

The house has a large glass pool whose transparent wall allows to see the interior of the pool. It adopts an L shape. It thus constitutes a kind of natural separation of the house and part of its garden. The considerable surface occupied by this pool has allowed another original solution. This is its inner part, also visible thanks to a glass wall framed by concrete.

A design swimming pool suspended in concrete in the houseHemeroscopium


The architect house Hemeroscopium is another example of modern design residence. Like the Casa Brutale seen above, this house is dominated by a material trend, the concrete.


It has two pools. One is laid out on the floor and adopts a rather classic look. The other is suspended type and is on a kind of balcony that ends in a transparent glass wall.


A very interesting project both from the point of view of the suspended swimming pool and its architectural solutions!


Let’s face it, the solution envisioned by the architects is really effective. It allowed them to create a harmonious and minimalist ensemble of modern style.


A suspended swimming pool in London, Embassy Gardens by HAL


Of course, all glass pools are only part of private home projects. Some ponds of this type are realized as part of larger constructions.This is the case of this spectacular pool being built in the British capital.


In this photo , an aerial view of this pool transparent that allows to get an idea of ​​this extraordinary project.

A modern design swimming pool with terrace in Kivotos, Mykonos

Among the other types of modern buildings that have glass pools, there are, of course, holiday homes and upscale villas. An example is found with this private villa on the Greek island of Mykonos, one of the most expensive destinations in this country of the Mediterranean.

 Glass wall pool -transparent-mykonos

The villa is part of a limited number of hotels and vacation residences that offer visitors a basin with transparent ledges.

A transparent wall and outdoor pool at Katamaran Hotel, Indonesia

The Katamaran Hotel & Resort is located in Indonesia. It offers its visitors heavenly landscapes and a comfortable stay. To make them even more comfortable, the hotel’s owners have planned a series of chic lounge spaces.

 outdoor-modern glass pool -design-katamaran

Among these, there is an edging pool with glass wall. Faithful to the infinity pool, this pool gives the impression of throwing itself naturally into the water of the sea.

 design-modern glass pool-terrace-hotel-katamaran

The effect is even more interesting thanks to the glass wall that surrounds the basin on all sides. Here is an indisputable proof of the beauty of glass pools!

A glass pool in a private residence in France, Francis Design

 pool-wall-transparent-glass-terrace-modern-francis -design

This is the same type of pool with glass wall that has been installed in a private residence in the South of France. It is the work of the company Francis Architects and it is the focal point of this exterior modern design.


To harmonize as well as possible the pool with its natural setting, the architects decided to bet on colors typical of the region: white and blue. A solution that would not have been possible if they could not make a glass pool on all sides.

A clear pool with glass wall, Excelsior by Carr Blue Pools

The glass pools also have the ability to integrate perfectly into any type of outdoor decoration. we will particularly appreciate if we work on the exterior layout of an old house, as evidenced by this modern swimming pool signed Carra Bleu.

 swimming pool- has infinity-infinity-pool-Lock e-excelsior

The images show the beautiful way in which the transparent pool harmonizes with the exterior of a stone villa. And thanks to the lighting design, this pool also works as a part of the decor full part!


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