Furniture of unusual design … put yourself in knitting!

Do you remember when your grandmother was knitting clothes for you and your family?

This beautiful memory has inspired many artists to watch the beautiful tradition of knitting and design furniture design knitting.

These cushions, rugs and blankets create a cozy atmosphere and bring warmth to any home.

Furniture of unusual design … put yourself in knitting!

 multicolored knitted design lights

Creative design furniture to knitting

 designer furniture to knitting pouf

Present in habitats all over the world, poufs are aesthetic, practical and comfortable. They are multifunctional: you can use them to sit, to put your feet on them or to use them as a side table.

No matter if they are made of modern and expensive materials or if they are knitted by your own hands, they will attract the attention of your guests. In fact the particularity of knitted beanbags hides in their versatile character. That’s why many designers are re-interpreting this special piece of furniture in order to create new and original designs.

Wood and knitting furniture for a cozy atmosphere

 wooden knitting design furniture knitted table

Ivory and pink knitting design furniture

 knitted beige armchairs design furniture

Knitting knitted bedroom poufs gray and beige by Alexandra Gaca

 cozy beige gray knit design furniture

 Blue knitted sofa with unusual design

 blue original design knitted sofa

knitting vintage knitting chair by Amaya Gutierrez  contemporary knitting designer lounge chair

original knitting mushroom seating

 original knitting design stool

cushion ivory knit comfort by Zilalila

 comfort knit design cushion

knit bed cover and ottoman

 knit cozy knit cover

Knit decoration in black and white

 white knit knit design co

Vintage knit knit ornament

 creative knit knit decoration

Original knit design knit fixture

 decorative knit creative knit fixture [19659035] decoration knitting head boar

 industrial design decoration knit blue

 armchair comfort design knitting gray

 design knitting white lamp

 knitting lamps red white blue

 ivory red gray knit fixtures design

 knit gray knit design furniture

 knot blue yellow knit design furniture furniture

 knit original design furniture

 knit red white art object

 original design poufs knitting

 for fs knitted green contemporary living room

 knitted pouf blue black furniture design

 knitted beanbag furniture original design

 knitted rug white gray graphic patterns

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