For the holidays, why not a Christmas tree with an original theme?

We are very much buying our Christmas tree at the last moment and often our decency is a little improvised. In the family, everyone has their preferences and the children have in many cases the last word.

However, we all agree that the tree of Christmas is at the center of the attraction and nothing else excites the minds as much. And why not think about it a bit early and choose a favorite theme that everyone likes? Of course, this means spending a certain amount of time negotiating – what kind of tree, natural or artificial, what color, what kind of ornaments, etc.

And then, the question of the budget is not secondary because some themes can come back to us more than others. For example, if you’re inspired by comic book characters, the cost of Christmas Christmas tree can be better, and it takes time to find it. But after all what a pleasure to admire its unique Christmas tree and marked by our own personality. This is definitely worth a try. See these photos and poke ideas.

For the holidays, why not a Christmas tree with an original theme?

 Alternative Christmas tree on the wall

Ideas for your Christmas tree with the theme

 Colorful design Christmas tree

Only Christmas balls in a bouquet of three colors

 fir tree balls

Accent on single garland

 fir tree light theme

A living room with two fir trees

 fir christmas tree red gold

Fir with accent of white and silver

 deco christmas white silver accent

The carnival theme

 christmas tree carnival design

Horizontal color graduation

 christmas tree theme blue white flowers

Artificial tree in purple  christmas tree Purple Firecracker

Alternative and Minimalist Fir Lumber

 Original Christmas Tree

Galvanized Metal Fir nis

 Christmas tree, galvanized metal

 Christmas tree, yellow gold

 Christmas tree «Silver white design

 blue gold christmas tree

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