For Christmas create a vintage gift box, pretty and original

If you have already done your Christmas shopping it is time to choose the right gift wrap .

Some consider this activity to be the most enjoyable in all preparations for the feast.

You can personalize your gifts by producing a vintage and creative packaging that corresponds to your own mood.

Ribbons, rope, colored paper, and cardboard can do a wonderful job. For more ideas take a look at our 20 original gift wrapping proposals.

For Christmas create a vintage gift box, pretty and original

 colored rope gift wrapping

Gift wrapping in Christmas classic colors

The washi paper that is gaining more and more popularity is a decoration material well suited for gifts. Solid, flexible and existing in many patterns, washi paper can be the perfect solution for your festive packaging.

Washi paper is gaining more and more popularity

 Feather paper packaging Creative idea no. l

For Christmas gift wrapping, you can also bring decorative stickers that will bring a touch of brilliance to the paper. The decoration of mini garlands or other classical ornaments for the feast (figurines in the shape of angel, reindeer, Santa Claus, star, etc.) can also give to your gifts a unique and pretty look.

Stickers in flashy orange and pink

 gift wrapping items in pink orange nude

Fun and original idea for Christmas gift wrap

 gift no Red pompon packaging

Gift wrapping chic

The woolen rope can decorate nicely your gifts

 rope wool kraft paper gift packaging

Packaging in soft colors

 soft colors paper gift wrapping

Christmas gifts in packaging e of elaborate drawing

 gift wrapping classic green white red ribbons  gift wrapping paper kraft diy

 wrapping original gift noel garland paper

 wrapping paper kraft red letters tags

 idea e gift wrapping christmas kraft paper

 idea packaging kraft paper red accent  idea vintage paper wrapping

 newspaper wrapping original gift

 kraft paper wrapping simple pretty

 ribbon labored gift packaging design

 greenery decoration gift wrapper christmas

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