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The flowers and shrubs to plant, depending on its astrological sign

Peonies, laurels, aquatic plants, mint, flowers, energy drinks, the shrubs of the garden soothing, astrology gives sign by sign ideas for flower garden and balcony compatible with our personality.

flowers have a language of their own using smells and colours. L’action of plants and flowers on our feeling and ability to act on our mood in a zen garden, is well known .

orchid and laurel and for signs of fire

Cool and soothing, the peppermint is perfect to rest the nervous system of the Aries who is impulsive and authoritarian. The flowers of a laurel tree in a pot on the balcony will also help to develop the natural creativity of this generous sign.

The flowers and shrubs to plant, depending on its astrological sign

Ah, the lion, full of panache and pride ! His strong personality draws admiration, such as the flowers of the orchid, exotic and refined. Planting to the earth in the garden, or to decorate a balcony : be sure to select a variety of outside.

Sagittarius is ambitious and creative, and it is a lover of travel and adventure : the frangipani and exotic flowers the dépayseront from her garden ! Follower of novelty, he is going to adopt it now !

An almond tree and peonies for the air signs

the personality of The Gemini has two faces : playful or on the reserve, his temperament changing with the situations, which makes one to be creative and good coping skills. The flowers of decorative almond trees will help to improve his intellectual work. Perfect for a balcony or a garden city !

In Libra, the desire to balance premium on everything ! Full of tenderness and generosity, he will let himself be seduced by the peony flowers red or pink, to plant on the balcony or in a corner in the sun in the garden.

anti-conformist and a dreamer, Aquarius likes plants original ! The bonsai would be a good choice for him, especially the versions with the flowers. Leave in pot for a beautiful zen garden.

flowers are soothing for the water signs

For the true Cancer, the family protection comes first. This can lead to melancholy and stress, which will be appeased by flowers soothing as the passion flower, or chamomile, which will suit most of the balconies.

The strong personality of Scorpio does not go unnoticed ! Whole, passionate and loyal, it will benefit from the virtues of many flowers and ferns planted near his window in the garden. The legend said that the latter could protect him from the evil spell.

The sensitivity and generosity of the fish with a big heart can lead to sacrificing himself to help those he loves. To protect her love life and its relations, the flowers of the jasmine will be very beneficial. The water-lily, a plant prized for water gardens, is also excellent for this water sign.

fragrant flowers for the earth signs

Ah, the Bull ! A calm nature and patient, it can also be used in anger uncontrollable if you push it too far ! It has naturally green fingers, a good sign of earth is to give him the valerian, or a eucalyptus that promote inner healing.

Reasonable and cautious, the Virgo likes the rigor even if it can also be messy. That is why plants or fleurs lush like ivy or philodendron don’t be afraid : with his organization copy, they are going to spin right !

so down-to-earth as the dominant element of his sign, the Capricorn is a trustworthy person and a good man (or woman) business. The flowers of the honeysuckle, planted in the garden or on the balcony are decorative and will help to take advantage of all situations, in particular in the work.

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