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Floral art in the Mexican park Alameda

AR Cosmos invited Japanese artist Azuma Makoto to install sculptures of Floral Art in the Central Park of Alameda in Mexico City. He also conducted thematic workshops with local residents. Alameda Park is one of the largest public spaces in the city. It is currently surrounded by monumental vases: two of them are made of marble and eight – bronze.

The first day Makoto installed his sculptures of floral art in the two pots that stand on either side of ‘hemiciclo a juárez’: one is inspired by Mexican culture and the other – by Japanese culture. On the second day the artist conducted a workshop with nearly forty participants divided into eight groups. Each of them has created floral arrangements for the eight bronze vases.

 Floral Art Mexico Makoto Park

Alameda Park hosted floral art installations

 Floral art Central Park Alameda Mexico

The Alameda Park is a green garden with fountains and decorative statues. In the past, space was an Aztec market. Today the park hosts many cultural events and citizens.

The artist Makoto working on his installation of floral art

 Botanical art flowers Arrangement makoto

Azumo Makoto at the flower market in Mexico City

 artist makoto market flowers art installation

Facilities are rich in color

 azuma creation vase botanical art

Makoto led floral art workshops in the park Alameda

 installation floral art park alameda makoto

Japanese style flower arrangement

 Japanese style floral installation

The marble pots are an impressive size

 White vases marble flowers art installation

Azumo Makoto in the process of buying flowers for his installations

 makoto floral art market flowers

A floral vases in the park Alameda

 alameda park vases marble plants art

 flower pots rs mexican art japanese

 flower pots art makoto installation

 preparation flower arrangement mexico park

 mexico style flowers colors art

 vase marbled art floral makoto artist

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