Extraordinary garden furniture by Peter Donders

Do you know the rays fish that stand out with their flat bodies? In your opinion what is the common point between this species of fish and your garden? Do not break your head too much because we are going to answer you right away.

The common point is the designer Peter Donders who created this species of lawn furniture (Batoidea in English) These furniture called Batoidea are an extraordinary example of design and technology.

Extraordinary garden furniture by Peter Donders

 garden furniture chair stool design

Garden furniture – red garden chair with an original design by the designer Peter Donders  garden furniture chair

Fluid and airy, this original chair defies practical conventions. What is surprising is that the technique of creating these garden furniture is the same that is used for the manufacture of Ferrari sports car engines. And if you look at the chairs in the photos you could easily find a strong resemblance between this brand of cars and these designer furniture.

Peter Donders has managed to make a nice mix between the expertise the original and especially modern design creates these pieces of furniture which immediately transforms them into modern and timeless furniture at the same time.

The very interesting design furniture by Peter Donders also exists in other colors

 garden furniture chair

They are really very comfortable these original garden furniture

 garden furniture chair stool

Sitting on this beautiful garden chair you will be like a fish in the garden water

 furniture garden chair stool red

If you want a modern exterior, try this ultra comfortable furniture  furniture garden design

Stool rounded in shape red  garden furniture red stool

The technique of making this furniture is the same as for the manufacture of Ferraris

 chair batoidea design

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