Ergonomic Bathroom Furniture by Makro

The bathroom furniture by Makro is a blend of ergonomic design and beauty. The bathroom that we present to you is perhaps the most complete bathroom that exists.

By connecting the washbasin to the bathtub the designers were able to To create a linear movement while the shower is almost energetic. The minimalist style makes this bathroom a spectacular piece in every sense of the word.

The wooden system is built by mixing ceramic wood and other species of wood that are treated in a way that does not catch mildew. These species of wood are considered to be very durable so you can choose this bathroom model and have a clear conscience.

Ergonomic Bathroom Furniture by Makro

 bathroom furniture

 bathroom furniture wood

But you do not have to limit yourself to wood – your tub frame can be aluminum with a Corian shell that you can pair with the beautiful wooden countertop. Dare to mix materials like Coral, wood and metal for your bathroom furniture the basic system may have drawers or doors different ent.

There are also five types of washbasins proposed. You can also choose a mirror from several different styles which will add a personalized touch to your bathroom. But no matter the texture and colors you choose, you will have quality furniture and design and your bathroom will be exceptional. And now imagine yourself diving into this beautiful bathtubâ.

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 ergonomic bathroom furniture

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