Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

Want to create a universe on-trend and modern to redo the deco of the lounge ? The furniture Purchase Design is for you ! A l’a clean aesthetic and chic, the furniture and light fixtures offered by the brand, know perfectly well how to s’give in the different styles of this major work in the house. From the living room through the dining room, each element adds a touch of elegance and charming to l’ambiance. Our favourite pieces to furnish and decorate your living room with class !

Of furniture and accessories and modern trends, such is the proposal made by Purchase Design for makeover your home ! Thanks to the elements deco to the’aesthetics chic and elegant design, the living room, the dining room, or even l’entrance to adopt a style of finesse. We love the refinement of this wide range of furniture designed by designers while keeping an affordable price. Let us seduce you on your tour !

design furniture for stylish living

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

Atmosphere to relax and cocoon in this living room with soft colors ! A wind of freshness and sleek modern breath on this living room, thanks to its furnishings air, suggests the lightness. The sofa d’angle Angus© is for l’occasion a sky blue very soft to blend stylishly with the pink wall, the pale of the living room. To enhance the’spirit of this living room design trend, accessories, scandinavian style, such as the console and the luminaire tripod come to fine-tune the deco. Cocooning guaranteed ! Corner sofa reversible Angus© blue sky (available in anthracite)

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

lights tripods for lights design with slim and air.

For a decorative finished and polished, the n’not forget the fixtures ! Mounted on three feet, these two lamps offer an original design in a pure spirit of light for the living room. In a scandinavian style, feet, wood, and lampshade in white, the model Tripod-W © brings a subtle touch of natural and d’authenticity sober in the room. In a different style and yet so similar in form, the Tripod© a total look black supports the contemporary character of d’one-piece. A decorative light to revamp its interior !

A retro-style scandinavian in the dining room

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

A loft-style new – yorkers, in the dining room, the retro-style scandinavian trend !

The deco retro scandinavian s’installs at the table ! Core element of this dining room, l’set table chairs that s’inscribed in modernity with a pure design. The beech legs and the shelf round clear glass table s’harmonize in a spirit of natural and simple while doing so directly echo the chairs in l’sitting white. All this furniture clean is then revealed by the wall in exposed brick that n’is reminiscent of the loft-industrial new york.

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

chairs Elizabeth© real foundation of original and modern !

For a mixture of styles more pronounced, a table decoration scandinavian can accommodate chairs d’a totally different kind ! In view of this, the brand Purchase Design offers a range of chairs Elizabeth, original, modern design. Offered in several colors, these chairs are available in a model transparent or opaque. Really contemporary, the rounded lines of the file give a real modern look to the room that hosts them. But the chairs Elizabeth are not only aesthetic, they are also practical ! They s’pile up easily thanks to their curves have pure thoughts for a better storage, but this n’is not everything. Polycarbonate, the coating is resistant to UV and then allows the chairs of s’install inside and that’outside !

A contemporary dining room the simply-furnished

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

A duo of black and white in this dining room with d’contemporary furniture design.

Contemporary and classy, this dining room takes its name thanks to the duo of black and white composed by the chairs at the foot sleds in stainless steel and the table, impressive white glossy lacquered. Simple and effective, the table Bercy to the robust appearance conferred by its structure made of melamine cleans l’atmosphere and adds a touch of deco trend to the piece. Practice tip : this table is modern does not merely d’a bold design, since’it also offers an extension center. Ideal to fit both small spaces to large surfaces. A bonus to pass in a flash the family meal at dinner in head-to-head ! Expandable Table Bercy in white lacquer.

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

Of comfort with these chairs Elizabeth whose l’assisi dote d’a cushion, plush colorful.

For optimum comfort in the contemporary dining room, opt for the cushion on the chair, Elizabeth ! A l’aestheticism elegant, this little more d’ease will very well s’to integrate in a modern decor and will even bring a spirit more cocooning. Adaptable to all chairs Elizabeth range, this cushion is easy to install since directly zipped to the’seat. It is available in 5 different colours, ivory, brown through black to a choice of’assortment deco. A useful idea to enhance modern decor and add a spirit comfortable ! Cushion, Elizabeth.

An entry in the chic lounge and fitted

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

A console that is discreet and convenient way to dress up the’entry into any sobriety.

there is Nothing like that’a small console modern to highlight the’entrance to the living room ! This small piece of furniture booster is equipped d’a shelf high gloss white and d’a foot design in chrome-plated steel making it a very stable and chic. The two materials marry d’elsewhere, to wonder and give a trendy look on the wall, isolated in the living room or for the entire entry. In addition, this console trend offers two storage spaces on the tray to store keys and other everyday objects. In summary, a sleek and functional from the entrance, you said yes !

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

Two chairs to Elizabeth’s transparent amber color for an entry and well organized.

Although remarkable, chairs Elizabeth know how to be discrete ! The rounded shape of the original l’seat allows this chair model blend easily into a small space. Colored in a tone of amber, installed duo near d’a white wall or d’a hues dark to form a strong contrast they make up only a small space. Their simple design allows you to dispose of it without embarrassment in the passage, without cluttering up the room that it is in a room, a lobby or a waiting room, or corner of the boudoir to the living room, these chairs are an asset deco affordable to have them on hand !

Do a makeover of her living room with Purchase Design is top !

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