A coat hanger design to put in the entry

For storing coats and scarves in the’entry, a coat rack design, c’is always nice. And when the said coat rack is home-made so there c’is all good for the wallet ! Here is a DIY deco ultra easy to do to provide for your hall d’entry way to hang your coats with style.

Swap your old door coat monotone for a coat rack design and hyper deco ! For storing your coats, scarves, hats and other accessories, coat rack, c’was l’element of deco essential in an entry ! And if it is stylish, c’is even better. Here’s a DIY full of style to make a coat hanger design with no need d’special tools, easy to carry, trendy and colorful, and that does not lack d’look in a good place in the hall d’entry.

A coat hanger design to put in the entry

The material needed for this coat rack design :

4 bar wooden bar of curtains
Of the painting with the colors of your choice
Of the string, natural
masking tape
aerosol spray paint gold

To make this coat rack, begin by painting the four bars of wood. Choose colors that will blend well with the decor of your current hall d’entry. As soon as the paint is dry, wrap the bars d’a strip of masking tape to 30cm of ends on each of the tips in order to bomber in gold which will become the feet of the coat rack.

Finally, once l’entire property is dry, you attach the four pieces of wood with rope natural about 40cm from the edge of the bar to form the head of the coat hanger. Once this is done, you n’did that’to stand on your coat rack by prying each of the bars in order to maintain the whole by a bias that will ensure the maintenance of the coat rack . Hang your coats, scarves, hats and bags on the coat rack stylish design that will brighten up the decor of the hall d’entry for sure.

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