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Designer glass table for a chic and modern living space

The glass table is an elegant and versatile piece of furniture that we love for its ability to adapt to interiors. Of different sizes and styles and for the wide variety of decorating options it offers us

In this article, we explore a variety of Design glass table model that we spotted.

We start with a compact model of It has a glass top and solid beech wood legs inspired by Scandinavian style.

Created by Alin a, this modern piece of furniture has rounded corners that give it an intriguing and original look. Suitable for 2 to 8 people, this designer glass table is ideal for decorating a small dining room or dining area in a kitchen or living room.

Designer glass table for a chic and modern living space

 glass table design glass top rectangular dining table crossed wood legs

Design glass table for compact and modern dining room Zepplin

 Glass table design 8 people rounded corners dining area setting

 Extensible table dining room design modern rectangular glass table

If you are looking for a larger size model, you can bet on the glass table design on the picture above. Baptized Honeysuckle, it is characterized by its metal plating and its tempered glass top. The added benefit of this stylish product is that it also has an integrated extender! As for those who would like to find a model of natural and original appearance, they have now the opportunity to acquire the table with glass legs and wooden beech tray signed Inside, to discover on the picture below.

Italian Glass and Wood Dining Table Bio Glass

 wooden and glass table rectangular tray modern design furniture dining room desk

Scandinavian style table with base in solid wood Hudson

 Scandinavian design glass table glass and wood table natural decoration

Another product of Scandinavian style, the furniture in the photo above consists of a transparent glass top and legs in Solid oakwood. For an even more pronounced Nordic feel, pair this table with Scandinavian chairs such as the famous Eames armchairs, for example.

Round coffee table with clear glass top Minnesota

 glass table design coffee table round top wooden feet idee deco living room

Next to the glass dining tables, there is also a whole series of modern coffee table models with glass trays, like furniture with solid beech wood pedestal shown above.

Hudson wood rectangular pedestal with pedestal for living room natural dec

 wood rectangular design china table glass tray living room decoration

Similar to this last model, this rectangular design glass table would be a very beautiful addition to a living room with natural decoration of contemporary style.

Adjustable height table industrial style Garibaldi

 glass table design iron feet forged industrial decoration living room furniture

Industrial design being very popular at the moment, furniture manufacturers have realized a range of professional inspired by this style, such as the side table that can be seen above and whose height can be adjusted using a crank. Recyclable, this furniture will also seduce those who are looking for eco-friendly decorating solutions. And, if you prefer a type of coffee table that can serve as an accent in your living room or in your office, opt for this product made of MDF and fiberglass:

Modern table for living room or workspace with light wood effect Teofilo

 coffee table design furniture with wood lacquer glass idea living room desk

Finally, we have selected two examples of small chic tables. The first, console type, made us crack because of its natural look that results from the combination of a glass top and a teak wood trim. The second, a piece of colored glass sofa, impressed us with its modern finish and very neat. Find all of these glass design table models and many more on Livingo.en!

Glass and teak wood console table for living room or entrance hall deco

 glass table original design model console small piece of furniture feet wood teak

Small table table with colored glass Tulip

 piece of sofa table gueridon glass table modern side table