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Do you remember the awkward offices? Apart from a few fine exceptions, the age of paper pencils offered only a few basic choices.

Yes, these offices were utilitarian and responded to the needs of the times, but times have changed and that is no longer the case today. Nowadays we need a bit more than a laptop and a few leaves. It’s time to focus on design aesthetics. So, how are the design offices modern? In this article we present you some inspiring examples.

Modern Design Office

Home Office - Excellent Ideas

The first office design you’ll discover is called Multi Storage Desk. It offers a minimalist and simple form with simple shelves hidden on the sides of the feet. It can be found in a variety of finishes, just choose the one that follows with the decoration of your interior.

The second example is a desktop named Hollow Core Connect IT Desk and you can use it to load, log in and save absolutely everything. Its unique design makes it possible to slip and open the surface to make your business easier to organize while giving you a minimalist look. This undoubtedly solves the problem with all cables!

Practical multitask desktop

Home Office - Excellent Ideas

The third office Nazanin Kamali has a mid-century design with in mind, modern requirements. It is pleasant to see and easy to assemble. The desk is available in oak or walnut versions, each with a distinctive white board and a convenient locker that you can use to store your laptop or important documents.

Modern wooden desk

Home Office - Excellent Ideas

The fourth office of the Danish-American designer Jens Risom is an example of retro-modern design, but with a futuristic vision of anticipating the lack of space in contemporary interiors. The designer was originally created this office in 1968 to simply serve as a writing or reading desk. The only drawer has a lift to hold your work accessories.

White design desk in feminine styleHome Office - Excellent Ideas

Nice and functional, the design desk Knack by Amercia Luxury, made of simple materials, has simple lines. Its small touch of originality: Four wooden panels behind hide a magnetic frame that you can use to store your containers, pens or photos and notes. It is a very interesting piece, perfect for a modern and contemporary interior.

Home Office - Excellent Ideas


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