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Design offices for the interior in 75 inspiring ideas

Do you remember the clumsy offices of yore? Apart from some nice exceptions, the age of the paper-pencil offered only some basic choices.

Yes, these offices were utilitarian and corresponded to the needs of at the time, but times have changed and this is no longer the case today.

Nowadays, we need a little more than a laptop and a few sheets of paper. It’s time to focus on the aesthetics of design offices. So, how are the modern design offices ? In this article, we present some inspiring examples.

Design offices for the interior in 75 inspiring ideas

 design offices modern ideas

Modern Design Offices in 75 Ideas

 Modern Design Offices

The first Design Office you are going to discover is called Multi Storage Desk . It offers a minimalist and simple form with simple shelves, hidden on the sides of the feet. It can be found in a wide variety of finishes, just choose the one that follows with the deco of your interior.

The second example is a desktop called Hollow Core Connect IT Desk and you can use it to recharge, connect, and save absolutely anything. Its unique design allows you to slide and open its surface to organize more easily your business while keeping a minimalist look. This undoubtedly, the problem with all cables!

Office design multi-task practice

 offices modern design original

The third office Nazanin Kamali has a design from the middle of the century with, at the head, the modern requirements. It is nice to look at and easy to assemble. The desk is available in oak or walnut versions, each with a distinctive white panel and a practical locker that you can use to store your laptop or important documents.

Modern wooden desk


Modern Wooden Desk by Jens Risom

 Drawer Wood Design Desks

Classical and Contemporary Elements Assemble to form a light office for your daily needs. This is our fifth example with a two-tone design, wood panel surfaces and drawers with a polished wood surface in the center that catches the eye. From its side, the next office, called Berkley Desk has slippery surfaces that open a small compartment. It is very practical furniture for small spaces because it means that the desk can be placed near the wall as there is no drawer to open.

Contemporary desk with body in wood and metal frame

 offices modern practical design

Let’s continue with a minimalist piece that breaks with useless details in favor of more storage space. The multi-compartment drawer for a much easier organization, does not even have a handle, in its place we use a simple cut, easy to grasp and. Its stainless steel feet make this desk really strong. The desk comes from Techni Mobili

White design desk from feminine style

 Modern design desks white

Beautiful and functional, the Knack design desk by Amercia Luxury, made from materials simple, has simple lines. Its touch of originality: four wooden panels behind hide a magnetic frame that you can use to store your bins, pens or photos and notes. This is a very interesting piece, perfect for a modern and contemporary interior.

Original wooden desk model

 modern wood design desks

The Briso Table desk is going certainly please the fans of the elegant design. Its smooth tinted glass surface and chrome frame offer a very modern style, suitable for any type of workspace. You’re not a fan of drawers? So, you will love the Bin Desk. It has niches instead of drawers where you can store your things when you do not use them and easily find them later. Its design in classic and very beautiful.

White wooden desk of original design

 modern stylish white design desks

The designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec present us a real magic with their office called Copenhagen. Its divided surface is perfect for hiding the cables of your tablet, computer or other. And speaking of minimalism, the Desk Desk offers a simple work surface, made of smart materials, and is very easy to assemble. It is perfect for everyday use.

Elegant desk with glass surface

 design offices Brioso idee

The quirky Desk Origami Desk has a design both classic and ultra modern with a large Number of drawers tidy to keep your tools working. Its smooth folded shape follows well with every type of interior and especially with the interior inspired by the 60-70 years. With a similar design, the next office example by J & M Furniture is made of converging angles and folded panels. Beautiful on all sides, it is very convenient for storing your belongings and offers a great comfort. Also discover our other examples of design offices in pictures:

Office with niches instead of drawers

 design offices wood niches

Office interesting design in wood

 simple wood design desks

simple wood design desks

 light wood design desks

wooden origami desks

 origami wood desks

modern black desks

 office design elegant idea

Office suspended ultra modern

 offices design elegant wood

office metal aviator

 office design aviator idee

 office design white elegant

 office design white modern idea [19659049] design white office desks

 design office white modern elegant

 design office wood glass

 design office contemporary design

 design office elegant wood

 design office elegant metal

 design office elegant ro uge

 original modern design desk

 modern pink design desk

 original black design desk

 small white design desk

 design metal desk desk

 elegant wood work desk

 work desk wood idea

 office work design frame

 office work design contemporary

 office work design interesting

 office work original design

 office work floating

 modern office work [19659069] office desk black elegant

 office desk metal feet

 office desk surface glass

 office modern wood idea

 desk modern wood Leo

 desk modern design retro

 office wood work metal

 modern wood work desk

 contemporary design work desk

 stylish design work desk

 interesting design work desk

 original design work desk

 office work desks practical

 office work idea design

 office work lacquer black

 office work lacquer red

 office work feet metal

 office work practical elegant

 office work industrial style

 office work surface glass

 modern ultra modern office

 minimalist wooden design desks

 elegant black design desks

 stylish metal glass desks

 design original design desks

 modern white design desks

 simple design desks yellow

 design offices glass idea

 design office original idea

 design desktop modern Orange 22

 design office design sport

 design desktop suspended idea

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