Design kitchen island: discover the kitchen peninsula!

The peninsula is a type of kitchen design island that is similar to the bar and is very practical for the kitchen.

Layout of small spaces and for the decoration of dining area in this room of the house.

Our large file today offers you to discover this type of compact and efficient kitchen furniture as well as all its features!

Peninsula is a nice alternative at the îlot classic design kitchen. Like the latter, the peninsula has a practical worktop on which you can even install hotplates or washbasins. In short, it’s a small addition that can increase the work surface in a room that lacks space!

Design kitchen island: discover the kitchen peninsula!

 kitchen design deco dining area peninsula wood worktop

The peninsula as a kitchen design island endowed with a practical worktop in an interior by Elena Fateeva

 ] idea kitchen design woodland peninsula round stools

The kitchen peninsula-style kitchen as a space saving furniture for those who love cooking by Ariacasa

 Design kitchen island small interior space bar Scandinavian design

The modern peninsula, which houses a sink or hobs, is also a piece of furniture that facilitates the organization of space interior within the kitchen: it allows us in particular  to arrange an interior that respects the famous rule of the triangle of the activity in this part of the foyer.

Contemporary kitchen with ®lot peninsula type and dining area in white and wood by Nar Bustamante

 Kitchen island contemporary design kitchen dining area

Of course, this kitchen design island also fulfills functions similar to other island models such as, for example e, the separation of the room into two parts. For example, the peninsula is sometimes used to divide the interior for the purpose of creating a dining area with a dining table.

Black and white kitchen with kitchen design type wooden pen by Scavolini

 Kitchen design zen deco kitchen natural environment kitchen wood

One of the most popular features of this kind of kitchen design kitchen is the fact that it easily transforms into a dining area or bar for your quick lunches or dinners during the week.

Modern kitchen pen in polished concrete with white chairs and wood by German Cabo

 Design Kitchen Peninsula Bar Modern Scandinavian Style Chair

This picture shows just how the peninsula takes hold of the functions of the classic dining table, while offering a worktop large enough for in love with the culinary art.

The culinary peninsula  like a practical and space-saving dining table by Poliform

 Contemporary kitchen design island Ilot peninsula L kitchen

If you’re lucky enough to have a great kitchen, you can even combine a kitchen lot with a peninsula playing the role of a dining table, as in the picture above!

Decoration of white kitchen and wood with pen of the bar type in light wood

 Ã ®lot Nordic design kitchen peninsula chair wood bar

The peninsula is so practical that it has become a typical addition to Scandinavian style kitchens. Known for their practicality and harmonious ambience, Nordic kitchens have integrated this space-saving furniture without any difficulty!

U-shaped kitchen with small peninsula in white and wooden bar stools for small lunches in all tranquility, interior by Lauren Rubin Architecture

 Kitchen design kitchen white paint Scandinavian decoration idea

So, those who lack enough room for amà © swim a larger dining area can rely on this type of small kitchen design island to create a mini bar for their breakfast meal.

Peninsula Idea with bar for small modern dining area by Sheila Salvitti

 Kitchen design white deco bar marble worktop

Moreover, there is no indication that this kind of small bar should be used only in the morning. You can invite your friends to take a break so you can chat with them while preparing dinner!

The peninsula-style designer kitchen is the perfect place to dine a kitchen table!

 image island design kitchen peninsula wood natural decoration

With the small wooden design kitchen island on the image above, the decorators at 3XA illustrate another function of the modern peninsula: that of a dining table for kitchens of limited size!

Kitchen furnishing and peninsula bar of modern style with wooden legs design by Snaidero

 î lot kitchen design image modern kitchen modern white furniture

In addition, the peninsulas become kitchen tables also allow interesting interpretations of point of view of the interior decoration. Above, Snaidero introduces us to a model kitchen design island of this kind characterized by its fine and modern wooden feet.

Small peninsula type marble with bar stools in white and wood

 Kitchen island design bar small space peninsula marble

Like the classic kitchen islands, peninsulas and bars also exist in version with plan working chair.

White kitchen bar and dark wood and small space decoration with modern suspensions

 'Kitchen design peninsula white bar modern transparent chair'

These models are often more practical for small kitchens since they leave more room for the feet of the seated people and they facilitate, at the same time, the storage of chairs when the latter are not used.

Table dining area in the form of a cook’s peninsula Wood and Interior Deco in White and Black by Poliform

 Woodland Design Kitchen Peninsula Modern Decoration

The Kitchen Peninsula Can Help You Create a Kitchen interesting effect in your interior!

 Kitchen interior design kitchen peninsula kitchen L

You dream of an original kitchen that fully reflects your personality? The peninsula style kitchen island, like the one by the brand Cucine Lube in the photo above, is able to help you realize your dream!

Ultra modern kitchen in white and black with Round peninsula style by Aster Cucine

 Modern peninsula kitchen peninsula style black and white

Here is an example of a kitchen design island that could completely change the appearance of your kitchen thanks to its original and rounded shapes.

Image of original and modern kitchen island in white with lacquered surfaces by Pedini

 modern bar kitchen peninsula ideas decoration color painting

Rounded kitchen insinters require a little more interior space. In return, they offer a touch of dynamism and a lot of originality!

Small kitchen island contemporary design and peninsula with shimmered surface


 Island of modern marble worktop interior black and white

Kitchen in white and wood with bar type p Black peninsula and stools

 peninsula ilot modern kitchens white and wood interior photo

You are going to take this peninsula advantage even more if you have an original shaped kitchen or integral architectural elements like militia columns u of the room.

Modern design kitchen in white color with L-shaped peninsula

 example decoration kitchen small space peninsula bar stool padded

A large variety of peninsulas is available for kitchens of this type. On the image at the top, an L-shaped model that is installed near a column to divide the interior space into two parts.

White kitchen with peninsula type island and resin worktop

 photo island kitchen resin peninsula amenagement dining area

Photo of contemporary kitchen with peninsula and bar decorated with metal suspensions

 bar peninsula kitchen island stool-wood tile design floor

These models are perfect for kitchen interiors open to a dining area, dining room or living room.

Interior in black and white with marble worktop by Amber Interiors

 white and black kitchen work plan marble modern design island

Peninsulas are certainly very practical for small spaces. But all furniture of this kind need not necessarily be of limited size.

Kitchen bar with spacious dining area in gray color with wooden stools

 island peninsula plan work marble decoration kitchen gray and white

In fact, one can also imagine a kitchen plan with a peninsula spacious enough to accommodate more than two people as, for example, the one in the photo above.

Idea of interior decoration of modern kitchen with two rows of stools by Poliform

 idea-decoration kitchen modern peninsula of wood and gray kitchen deco

Modern or vintage style, these peninsulas and bar are sometimes same suitable for 4 or 6 persons, thanks to an arrangement of stools on both sides of the peninsula.

Kitchen model with white peninsula with storage space closed and built-in oven

 storage kitchen small space ilot peninsule low furniture white

As a convenience, decorators also rely on furniture of this type to better organize kitchen tools and appliances.

Modern white kitchen island with copper keys and open storage by Rotpunkt

 Modern kitchen white kitchen and wood island shelf

Cronically, this means that peninsulas are used to also as furniture for storing products or kitchen tools, with open shelves or with drawers and other closed storage space.

U-shaped kitchen with peninsula and counter top wood and small open bookcase

 example island peninsular wood image small kitchen apartment modern studio
Using bar or kitchen pen as a decorative piece of furniture thanks to an original worktop

Finally, note that the kitchen pen also has a decorative dimension that can be reinforced by the installation of an original worktop, of modern suspended luminaires or other nifty accessories.

Modern design kitchen bar worktop by Tiziano Bizzotto

 bar kitchen modern kitchen worktop stone kitchen countertop

Interior on the photo at the top is a perfect example of this dimension of the furniture: it impresses us not only by the choice of an original stone countertop but also by the stools with very elegant finish and by the very ¨s successful position in the setting of the kitchen.

Photo of white kitchen and harmonious wood with natural counter

 dining area deco small white kitchen bar wood worktop wood

All these little ones details of the dà The horn of the island contributes to the overall look of the interior and its harmony, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Kitchen counter gray and decorated interior in white with touches of gray and dark red

 photo bar island kitchen peninsula open kitchen modern design

U-shaped kitchen model with island and modern bar by Aster Cucine

 idee dining corner island modern kitchen peninsula design