Design columns for a stylish house

The whole history of architecture is crossed by the question of how to reconcile the concern of structure of the building with that of the aesthetics . Many have found very creative answers.

The columns design of interior and exterior represent a deko fi in this matter. They are fundamental for the maintenance of the structure, supporting the weight of the roof and the upper floors of the house. In fact, since antiquity, they are also an object of creation and decoration. There are ways to value them and you can make them an attractive part of your home. In this article we offer some ideas for remodeling your home design columns and some tips on how to implement such a project.

Design columns for a stylish house

 columns original design wood

First, consider the structure of your home. If you want to introduce columns in your living room or kitchen consult an architect. Then think about the overall design of the space, whether inside or out. What is best for stone, brick or wood? Do not hesitate to install banners or seats around. Also, you can decorate already existing columns by dressing them with wood, ropes or natural veneer. In any case, consider the architectural style of your design columns and the house to avoid chases and kitsch. Here are some pictures that will help you.

The design columns naturally fit into the overall architecture

 exterior columns revetememt pierre Exterior columns made of wood and stone

 columns design wood stone

Columns exterior house with a vegetal decore

 columns exterior house decrepit

Columns of rustic style

 ] columns design raw wood campaign

Interior columns bathroom  columns interior bathroom

Columns for living room in white

 columns interior living room white Columns of minimalist design in black  minimalist black design columns Relief column  exterior columns relief design

Accent on wooden living room columns and minimalist  interior columns minimalist wood living room Focus on the column in the kitchen

 interior column natural wood kitchen Solid wood and hostel style in the countryside

 columns rustic wood ceiling wall

 column outside crooked

 columns carved stone classic

 minimalist living room columns

 classical wood style columns

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