Design apartment “AHZ House” in Londrina in Brazil

Interior of this design apartment, very contemporary and minimalist style, is designed by the Brazilian design studio ZIZ Arquitetura . AHZ House is located in Londrina, Brazil.

Londrina is a Brazilian city in the north of the state of Paraná. It is located 369 km from the capital, Curitiba. Its name translates to “Little London”. The total surface of the apartment is 207 m2. Bathed in natural light and with its touches of elegant colors, this interior is very contemporary and balanced.

For its layout and decoration, the designers of studio ZIZÂ Arquitetura used different textures to create a truly original design. The mixture of natural and artificial materials combines modern and traditional styles: furniture and bamboo walls, cement walls, kitchen with black lacquer finish and stainless steel electromechanical.

Design apartment “AHZ House” in Londrina in Brazil

 apartment design idea layout sofa gray cushion bookcase wood shelves blue floor mats coffee table

Apartment design in Londrina in Brazil by ZIZ Arquitetura

 apartment design modern kitchen id ideal living room sofa gray coffee table fixture suspension floor mats blue

This wonderful use of textures and eclectic fusion of Various materials are done in a sophisticated way. Each element of this interior is present and well matched with the rest of the elements present. None of them seem out of place while adding a peculiar touch to the room. The living room is very welcoming and friendly. A large blue carpet with original patterns decorates the floor and creates a feeling of warmth.

The living room, kitchen and dining room are open. One of the key elements of the interior design is the harmony between the spaces. It creates an atmosphere favoring the interaction between the members of the family of this Brazilian house.

The living room is furnished with floor mats for more warmth by ZIZ Arquitetura

 modern design apartment brà © sil idà © e aménagement living room library wood storage armchair

The goal of the architects was to create a truly international atmosphere, while integrating summer local authorities. A modern decor that blends in with traditional decor. The hallway walls were decorated with black and white photographs framed: a beautiful little gallery inside the apartment with appropriate lighting.

Original luminaire

 modern design apartment lamp ideal storage shelves wood storage cabinet blue floor mats

The living room marries with subtlety blue and gray. The elegant armchair and the concrete wall with the sofa are gray, while the carpet and cushions are blue. The union of these two shades with the brown of the wood is always happy!

The dining room arranged with large table and chandelier  furnishing apartment modern design dining room table design chair carpet of blue floor

The dining room is furnished with large modern wooden table while the hanging chandelier above is of a rather classic style. The decoration in the room is minimalist: photographs and flowers.

Open and bright space

 idea modern apartment design dining room gray table chair design floor mats blue coffee table living room lighting suspension wooden racks

Concrete walls and wooden clad walls merge to create a warm and modern atmosphere. This apartment really does not have a precise interior style, it is the result of a successful blend of several styles.

Wall clad in wood and false ceiling  modern apartment layout idà © dining room table chair lighting suspension false ceiling wood wall

Workspace and wall decorated with photographs

 modern apartment brazil idà © e interior design decoration wall sofa blue cushions

The gallery of black and white photographs

 appart modern design deco wall pictures idyllic floor tiles design

Minimalist interior with modern and traditional touches

 Modern interior design Idea hallway Wall chair Wood design Deco table

Floor mats for comfort and warmth

 modern design apartment gray stool interior design decent idea false interior ceiling design

Bathroom and toilet

 appart modern design toilet bricks idà © interior interior design wall wood mirror bathroom