Decorate A Pumpkin D’Halloween With His Portraits

Decorate A Pumpkin D'Halloween With His Portraits

Who said Halloween said decoration pumpkin. To change from the traditional pumpkin shell candle-lit by the’inside of Mr. Jack-o’-Lantern , here’s an original idea and easy to make with children, just with a pumpkin from the garden or purchased at the market, a bit of black paint and a chalk table.

Decorating’a pumpkin d’Halloween custom

The traditional pumpkin d’Halloween, the one that’it is hollow to place the candles, which flicker through the holes l’it was made in the shell has the unfortunate disadvantage of not keep for a long time. With that we present to you today’hui’s nothing such as the pumpkin remains. Not d’obviously, neither of sculpture. C’is the paint and the chalk that make the decoration. Objective : to draw the portraits of the family, Dad, Mom, children and why not the portrait of the dog or cat of the house !

equipment needed to perform the decoration of the pumpkin :

Decorate A Pumpkin D'Halloween With His Portraits

Painting in the form d’a face on the pumpkin with chalkboard paint-black

Choose pumpkins of different sizes and shapes to create a variant between the characters that will be drawn. Take them with streaks not too carved with a part almost flat. C’is in this place that will be the portraits. A pot of chalkboard paint, for example, Scribbles of Home Decor, chalk white, and c’is everything !

Draw the portrait on the pumpkin :

Decorate A Pumpkin D'Halloween With His Portraits

The chalkboard paint to dry, give free rein to your humour to sketch a portrait of the members of the family on the pumpkin !

  1. Start by washing, wipe and dry carefully to your pumpkins.
  2. Apply 3 coats of chalkboard paint black, forming a circle a little expanded from 10 cm to 12 cm wide on the flat of the pumpkin. Respect the drying time between successive coats.
  3. The paint to dry, c’is your stroke of the pen, or rather chalk, that can s’express ! You can draw the outline d’a face in full and move on to the eyes, nose, mouth, hair… or simplify your drawing version-sketch or a humorous one.
  4. If a stroke of the chalk is not for you, delete it from the l’aide d’a damp cloth before you start.

Where to put your beautiful pumpkin ?
Decorate A Pumpkin D'Halloween With His Portraits

You can put the scene on the buffet in the living room component decor d’fall with branches of dead wood, red leaves collected in the garden and some candles. In the children’s bedroom also, but there, it is better to avoid candles ! In the evening d’Halloween, place pumpkins and custom on the windowsill or in front of the door of the house, they will have success!!!

Decorate A Pumpkin D'Halloween With His Portraits

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