Decor DIY: lamp – very original shirt

The projects decorated DIY are real challenges for those who like to make things themselves.

What you will learn today is how to make a lamp from a shirt.

Interesting, no? First you will need a wooden hanger which will allow the shirt not to touch the bulb and also give it a 3D effect.

This lamp original deco DIY is a beautiful decor that costs almost nothing.

Decor DIY: lamp – very original shirt

 Decorative DIY Lamp

Deco DIY – an original lamp – shirt

 Decor DIY -cintre

Materials of which you will need are â € “A wooden hanger or trouser hanger with metal clips, two bamboo skewers, a balsa band, an X-Acto knife, a ruler, a pencil, a kit bulbs, fable bulb, hot glue and cutting pliers


1. Use cutting pliers to remove hanger fastener

2.Measure and cut off a portion of the balsa band that must be shorter than the length of the hanger

3. My urez and mark the center of the cut balsa strip and measure the diameter of the bulb socket. Draw a circle of the same diameter on the balsa strip using the mark you made as the center of the circle.

4. Make a mark with the pencil on the 4 cm balsa strip inside at the top and 1cm inwards at the bottom of both ends. Align your ruler with these marks and use the knife to cut triangles on the sides of the balsa strip.

An interesting project to do on your own

 Dà¢ à ¢ â,¬Å¡Ã, ¢ DIY co-project

5. You have to round the sides with the knife. Line up the center of the hanger with the center of the balsa strip and make marks where the points of the balsa strip line up with the points of the balsa strip.

6. Next you need to cut the two bamboo skewers so that they measure 3cm and cut small squares of what is left of the balsa strip. Try the skewers by sticking them on the holes of the hanger. Glue the small squares under the skewers.

Making this lamp does not take time and it is very easy

 Decor DIY original

7. The knife to make small holes on the marks of the balsa band. Thread the loose end of the bamboo skewers into the holes, letting the balsa band fall exactly on the small squares.

8. Put some glue on the squares and press the tape on

9. Then put a little bit of glue on top of the skewers and put these ends in the holes in the hanger. Put the bulb in the hanger hole of the hanger. balsa band. Let the cable pass behind the balsa band and plug it into the jack.

10. It’s done! You can put on a shirt, a sweater or a dress.

An original and interesting lamp that will not cost you anything

 Decor DIY images

A decent idea for do-it-yourselfers

 Decorative DIY Idea

Decorative lamp-shirt that attracts attention

 DIY original idea

This DIY lamp is an iden Deco differs from everything else

 idea original DIY lamp

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