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Deco Scandinavian house: 4 interior design

Did you know that there are several types of deco scandinavian house? This folder presents you with examples from three houses with Nordic design. If you think the Scandinavian deco is represented only by white painted pieces, furniture and fixtures. wooden objects, you only know a part of the characteristics of the design of this style.

Because, within the Nordic style, there are variants different: modern or eclectic, minimalist or more abundantly ornamented, in richer or more natural colors. If you like Nordic design, you probably know it has its origins from the time in the middle of the 20th century. It has gained popularity thanks to a subtle combination of beauty and functionality, and of course the accessibility of this style of furniture. But what is typical of variants of this style? Find the answer using pictures of deco scandinavian house downstairs!

Deco Scandinavian house: 4 interior design

 color living room deco scandinavian house

deco scandinavian house: living room design by Kaschuk Kostyantyn

 deco style scandinavian wood house

The first house Nordic style that we are going to visit is decorated by Kaschuk Kostyantyn. This interior is inspired by the colors that are usually associated with Scandinavian decor: white and neutral and natural tones. In this sense, we have a perfect example of a classic Scandinavian style decoration, bright and inviting, which is characterized by the inevitable presence of wooden keys.

Deco Scandinavian house co: white kitchen and wood design

 Scandinavian house decoration nordic kitchens

The furniture in this house is modern and practical, elegant and simple – in short, the Scandinavian design definition! If there is one thing that one must absolutely try to avoid in an interior of light colors, it is to sink in the monotony. Kaschuk Kostyantyn does not ignore this important detail: from where the original keys in colors and design objects such as light fixtures, paintings, mirrors and many more.

Decorative Scandinavian House design: a friendly nod to the entrance hallway

 Scandinavian house deco arrangement

The second house with Scandinavian interior we visit today is decorated by Anton Medvedev. Immediately, in the hallway of entry, it highlights another feature of Nordic design: allesse and ingeniosity. Yes, the Scandinavian deco often rhymes with the youth, creativity and charm. And that’s what we find in all the rooms of this house with Nordic and modern decoration.

Decorative house Scandinavian: design kitchen with dining area and brick wall by Anton Medvedev

 Scandinavian kitchens modern deco

The house decorated by Zinaida Baklanova brings us on a quite different ground: that of the dark nuances and their harmonious marriage with the wood. In Nordic-style interiors, this combination of natural hues and surfaces provides an intimate and friendly atmosphere: two qualities of the interior that are appreciated because they contrast so well with the landscapes outside in Scandinavia.

Decorative Scandinavian house with dark colors and wooden keys by Zinaida Baklanova

 Nordic idea living room decoration home

The following interior is realized by the designer Aurà © lien Brion who has adopted an approach full of allergy and eclecticism. Taking as a starting point the Nordic design, this French decorator has invested a lot of imagination in his metamorphosis which says a lot about the personality of the inhabitants of this residence.

Deco Scandinavian house inspired by eclectic style

 interior design Scandinavian living room

It is in this house that one will find a kitchen which represents a modern reading of Scandinavian style. Dressed in red and gray and endowed with a functional central island, this space is not what we are used to visualizing when talking about Scandinavian cuisine. And yet, look at the small details and you will immediately find the trademarks of this style, like pots of plants (or fresh herbs) hanging and arranged in a compact way or even natural wood surfaces.

Decorative Scandinavian house: Nordic-inspired red and gray kitchen

 Decorative Scandinavian-style red kitchen

We told you at the beginning of this publication – the Scandinavian house deco can decode into several versions and color palettes. Moreover, it coexists harmoniously with other styles of decoration. Our photo gallery gives you more illustrations of all this, with the rest of the pictures of these Scandinavian houses:

Deco Nordic style house by Kaschuk Kostyantyn

 idee deco Nordic House Scandinavian House

Scandinavian-style Corridor Arrangement

 Scandinavian-Style Corridor Deco

Scandinavian-Design Wall Corridor

 Scandinavian-colored Deco Home Decor

Idea Nordic style bathroom co

 Scandinavian house deco bathroom ideas

Scandinavian house plan and makeover design

 Scandinavian design house plan deco and makeover

Decoration of kitchen with Scandinavian style wooden furniture by Zinaida Baklanova

 Nordic style kitchen wood deco

Scandinavian deco idea in dark colors and wood

 Scandinavian style kitchen cabinet wood

Dinning room in neutral colors and Scandinavian style wooden furniture

 Scandinavian style dining room deco

Scandinavian dark room decor for living room design

 meuble Scandinavian Home Decor

Nordic Design Living Room and Decorative Furnishings

 Nordic Decorative Living Room Painting

Scandinavian Style Living Room Interior Decorating

 interior nordic house

Nordic modern apartment nordic deco idea

 kitchen with central island Scandinavian furnished design

 Scandinavian design living room luminaire

 Scandinavian living room furniture wood

 object deco design modern nordic style

 furniture room design nordic

 deco nordic kitchen island

 entrance deco house scandinavian design

 ideas deco design house scandinavian [19659058] decoration furniture Scandinavian house

 Scandinavian style white kitchen

 Scandinavian decor kitchen furniture

 Nordic style decor dining

 Scandinavian dining area decoration ideas

 Scandinavian bathroom decoration

 bathroom Scandinavian image decoration baths

 Scandinavian design bathroom furniture

 interior design Nordic bathroom furniture deco

 Nordic design dressing room

 Scandinavian design balcony decoration

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