Decec autumn cheap to manufacture oneself in some inspiring ideas

Discover our new selection of cheap and original autumn deco ideas to try right away. You will find suggestions for all parts of the house and for the outdoors including.

Astronomical fall arrives in less than three weeks. And yes, it will be soon to say “goodbye” in the summer. But do not be sad, autumn is just as beautiful and enjoyable. Some say it’s one of the most romantic seasons, others love it because they can stay at home with a cup of hot coffee and a good book.

One thing is sure and certain, in autumn we spend a lot of time at home because it often rains outside. For the rainy days, but also to embellish its interior and exterior of house and to welcome the autumn in beauty, we propose you some ideas of decre autumn cheap and original to manufacture oneself.

Decec autumn cheap to manufacture oneself in some inspiring ideas

 deco autumn cheap ideals original

 deco autumn cheap flowers bouquet decent table

 deco autumn cheap pumpkin flowers idea

How to create a cheap and original autumn deco?

Well, it’s not complicated. The cheap autumn deco is the one made by yourself. But still … The DIY deco is also super original and ecological! Instead of buying at the decreed store already, let your imagination speak and create it yourself. To help you, we have selected several Fall Decade Ideas to make yourself. In the lines that follow, we share with you ideas how to make a planter from a pumpkin and how to turn it into a vase. Then, you discover some ideas how to create an autumn wreath.

 autumn deco cheap cheap pumpkin apples

Ideas autumn deco cheap with pumpkins

] Eating and decorating its interior with pumpkins in autumn is a classic. This fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) Is not only ultra healthy and perfect for preparing a wide variety of irresistible dishes, but it’s also great for decorating. cheap interior.

 deco autumn cheap pumpkin halloween halloween idea

How to decorate its interior with pumpkins? You can either leave it as it is, or dig it and make a lantern, a planter or a vase. Which of these options to choose depends on you. In any case, we eat it and we put the seeds aside for after.

 autumn deco cheap pumpkin idé candle lantern

Idée decèc autumn cheap and funny with little pumpkins

 deco autumn cheap pumpkin ideals

To make a lantern from a pumpkin, you will need some basic tools, time and patience. It is also possible to make it simpler and decorate it from the inside and embellish it with flowers as is the case of the pumpkin below. How to do and how to empty a pumpkin, find out in the following lines.

 deco autumn cheap pumpkin idea flowers

Making a composition of pumpkins and flowers is not much complicated. It is also very pretty and perfect to decorate the table. It is even possible to turn a pumpkin into a vase. The steps are similar to those for making a lantern.


Creating an original lantern from a pumpkin

All from first, we wash it and cut off its head. Then, with the help of a knife, we begin to scratch it from the inside. To be more precise, we finish this procedure with our fingers. Once the pumpkin is well emptied, it is left to dry. To turn it into a vase, you will need a plastic bottle cut at the height of the pumpkin that you will place inside. You fill it with water and you can garnish it with flowers of your choice!

 autumn deco cheap pumpkin flowers bouquet idea

How to make a planter from a pumpkin?

Creating a planter from a pumpkin is quick and easy. It’s also a superb cheap autumn deco that you can place indoors as well as outdoors. If you live in a cold climate and want to put your pumpkin out, make sure to choose an autumn plant that will thrive when temperatures drop.


To make a planter from a pumpkin, you will need the following materials:

 deco autumn cheap pumpkin pink flowers

The first step is to make a hole in your pumpkin. Using the large knife, make a hole in the top of your pumpkin, a hole big enough to put your potted plant inside. The hole made, using a large spoon empty the pumpkin and remove the seeds. Then cut the flesh of the pumpkin. This facilitates the establishment of potted plants.

This finished step, turn the pumpkin over and make a drainage hole. This is important to allow the water to evaporate and not allow rots. Slip the potted plant into the pumpkin. Take care and water your plant regularly! It must receive the amount of sun necessary, but never expose it to direct sunlight.

 deco autumn cheap pumpkin vase flowers

It is also possible to add candles To your pumpkin planter.


Idea autumn deco cheap with pumpkin and succulent

A pumpkin garnished with succulents constitutes a piece it is unique and unique in its kind, rich in color.It is possible to realize this cheap autumn deco with dry flowers or succulents. This delay can last several months. To make it, you will need the following tools:

  • hot glue gun
  • sphagnum moss
  • scissors
  • succulent shapes and sizes
  • water bottle

On start by cutting the succulents. Then we leave them aside for stems to dry. This step is important because otherwise they may rot

Let the glue gun heat up, then apply glue randomly to the top of pumpkin. Add the sphagnum moss on top. Apply glue to succulents and press them on the foam for a few seconds. The largest and heaviest succulents should be placed in the middle of the pumpkin next to the stem.

Succulents are one of the most resistant plants. You can put them inside as well as outside.



To make the beautiful pumpkin below, you will need the following materials:

  • pumpkin (real or fake)
  • colored paper with motifs
  • Mod transparent Podge glue (to buy or to make oneself, see below *)
  • scissors
  • paintbrush

 flowers-deco-not-dear- autumn-interior-table

First, measure how much paper you will need depending on the size of the chosen pumpkin. Cut the paper to the proper size. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge glue to the back of the paper using the brush. Then, stick the paper on the pumpkin. Cut the slots up and down to prevent the paper from creasing around the curves. Apply a second coat of glue on the paper already fixed on the pumpkin.


You’re not sure you have to dress up all your paper pumpkins. It is also possible to do it partially as it is the case of the pumpkin below. The Mod Podge glue is indeed miraculous and ultra useful to have because it can serve you for the realization of several decoded projects of original cutting. All you need is a brush to apply it and some paper to make it come true. At the end of our publication, you will find how to make Mod Podge glue yourself.


Ideas autumn cheap deco with crown Making Yourself

Making a crown is another fall decency option. It can be used to decorate the door, the entrance, the chimney, the kitchen, the living room or wherever it seems suitable. You can make a crown of any kind of material: pine cones, glands, flowers, fabrics, artefacts, tree branches, autumn leaves, paper, cardboard and many more.

 autumn deco cheap idea crown pumpkin door

How to make a fall crown, you will need:

  • crown of vine
  • bouquet of dried flowers
  • hot glue gun
  • ribbon or other accessory to decorate (optional)

The creation of a crown is quick and easy. We take the crown of vine and we begin to fix the flowers with the stems by cutting off the part of the stem in excess. Then, we fix the flowers using the glue gun. We let dry a few minutes and we end up adding the accessories décécs chosen.
 deco autumn cheap crown porte idés

Indeed for the realization of any model the crown, you just have to have a base to decorate. The crown of vines is of course the simplest variant, but it is quite possible to serve another base such as a hanger, for example.


You can decorate your crown of vine with dried flowers, autumn leaves or fabric. In any case, you will need glue gun that will allow you to fix them.

 crown-deco-leaf holder

Classic and minimalist crown perfect for autumn deco and deco Noel


black crown for the deco Halloween

 deco autumn cheap idea crown door

the crown of autumn leaves is a great classic, easy and quick to realize. For this you will need some base (a hanger is perfect), glue and autumn leaves. And to fix it to the wall or on your door, you will also need a string or sling of suspension.



Pretty crown with autumn leaves and ribbon






Idea deco autumn cheap and original for the table

The dining table and table salon also ask for their autumn deco cheap. Indeed, the table is one of the easiest places to decorate. Just put some candles and pumpkins on a pretty tablecloth and the trick is played. We propose you below two ideas of decent table autumn.


Idea of ​​deco autumn cheap for the table with tablecloth and vase

Autumn is also the season of apples …

There’s nothing simpler than decorating your interior with apples. You take a nice basket, you put the apples (and all the other autumn fruits of your choice) and you end up adding some small decorative accessories. This simple and practical deco is perfect for decorating the centerpiece, the entrance or the kitchen.


Idea wonderful decor with small pumpkins


A blue pumpkin? Yes, it exists! If you have paint, you can color the pumpkin in any color.

 deco autumn cheap idea blue pumpkin


Have a False pumpkin is also convenient for several reasons. You can keep it a lot longer and decorate it differently each season. And if you prefer to have it in front of you all year long, why not? You can place it in your entry, living room, dining room or kitchen.


As you see the ideas of deco autumn not dear are really numerous. Moreover, they are really original, right? There is no need to have a big budget to embellish your interior and invite the autumn in beauty. Very often, even almost always, the best ideas are the simplest ideas.

Pumpkins fabric super cute!


A perfect vase for Halloween


Idea deceive autumn cheap for the kitchen


For this you will need:

  • jar with lid
  • 200 g flour
  • 60 g sugar
  • Â 200 ml of cold water


First, you will need a pot with clean lid to keep the glue. The pot can be glass or plastic. In a saucepan, mix flour and sugar. Add water and stir quickly to remove lumps. You can add a little oil (a spoon) to make the glue shine. Put the pan on medium heat until thick and sticky. Do not boil, simply heat the mixture to allow the ingredients to hide. Take off heat and let cool. Transfer the mixture into a jar. Do not close the pot until you are sure the mixture has completely cooled. Close and keep cool, in the fridge for example.


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